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“ All that  glitters is not GOLD ”…this simple statement was not of much meaning to me before few days.. till I came across a very different experience of a very close friend..After learning what all she went through in past few days…I was forced to think for a while to my own definition of  HAPPINESS…

Its been nearly 25 years that I know “ Shuchi ” … and what I can say about her is that …you can make her happy by simply saying few good words or by warm behavior..it doesn’t take much of effort for anyone to win her heart since childhood..She was exactly like her name..shuchi – pure, holy soul

 “ Shuchi ” was always a person with average intellect who grew up with exceptionally intelligent siblings & listening to tales of achievements of other family members & cousins . She too wanted to have her own success story..to be set as an example for someone… 

As a  child she had various career fantasies … ranging from being a bus conductor to an astronaut.. but her real passion was to be a commercial artist because she genuinely felt that she had a nerve of art inborn in her thanks to her father who was always praised for his drawing skills..

As years passed by the she moved ahead in walk of life gained so called maturity .. some how the innocent child within her seem to be lost somewhere..she now measured happiness as achievements the more you achieve the more you are happy..if its an exam.. you must achieve the highest score.. if its a race you have to be the winner…only then it can be said that you are happy.. (human nature of mistaking happiness with achievements she was a victim of it..)

Leaving  far behind her passion for art she took subjects like “mathematics and physics.. ” as her career choice… which were a real terror for her in childhood.. World around her constantly made her realize that she has to constantly work harder and harder to be SOMEONE.. in the competitive IT field. Believe me she worked really hard to have so called excellent academic records.. Her academic scores were indeed fruit of burning midnight oil for years together..

Now after years of studies and hard work…she had professional degree in her hand…and tons of expectations in her heart for future. Looking towards world with confidence saying to herself…..“ HERE I COME BE PREPARED…!!! ”

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