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Hey guys… I am practicing a new funda(philosophy) for life… nowdays after going through a much awaited transition or change I am trying to look towards life with a slighly hatke (different) attitude..

So coming back again to the topic of this post.. “ View outside my Window is AWESOME ”
It’s wonderfully hot summery May afternoon where simple walk on road would mean none the less than having
“ nice steam bath… ” with prickling heat & sun burns as bonus… 😉

But I am far off from all this painful stuff… As I sit nicely in cosy rolling chair in A/C office on the 9th Floor of huge glassy tower here at Mindspace… The A/C temperature sometimes makes me feel I am in “ Tundra region ” and not Mumbai,.. and its snowing heavily outside… believe me I not criticizing the A/C out here, infact I am praising that it’s doing a great job.. 🙂

Relaxing for a while after lunch I was just gazing outside the window leaving behind a window which is a crucial part of my job (I mean windows 7… 😉 )…and suddenly I could notice something very beautiful…I felt like I was watching beautiful picture which was a complete package of all the 5 basic elements of nature … a picture perfect combination of creations of Almighy and creations of Man – his wisest creation..

There is a huge dusty road in front of my eyes…which made up EARTH… element… on which vehicles rarely passing by…I can see few children playing cricket in scorching sun with not even slightest sign of discomfort on their face enjoying the game with a heart full of joy…that’s why we say Childhood is priceless with no worries, responsibilities, or sadness to touch your mind, body or soul … I actually miss the fun I had in my summer vacations, when I went to my native place and played games either all by myself or with chillar party (kids) from neighborhood…

I can also feel the AIR… element gently touching my body giving me chilling experience…thanks to A/C blower on top of my head working at 18 degrees centigrade..when outside temperature has already crossed the scale of 40 degrees… jokes apart ,…..but this indeed is combination of divine & human creation both..As, coooooooooooool air inside is a result of human creation & hot air outside is divine…

The beautiful view of “ Arabian Sea ” with Marve Beach nearby comprises of the WATER… element…divine creation so has to be a perfect one…I really look forward to spend a peaceful evening on beach with tons thought to pen down while listening to some ears refreshing music…cool idea isn’t it???

OMG…!!! there comes the scorching “ Sun ” playing hide & seek with clouds emerging from a bunch of clouds like burning ball of fire…making the warm presence of element of FIRE… must say God must be really angry when he made sun… as the sun is indeed so hot……that even after being thousands miles away from us.. it can still make us sweat like hell by his mere presence… anyways this is was a bit from my childhood fantasy… 😉

SKY… being the 5th and final element of nature ..depicts Emptiness I know you might be amazed but,…yes indeed I could find emptiness in this perfect picture… There was a beautiful blue sky … full of white clouds… floating just like the thoughts in my mind right now… 😉 making me realize of God’s message of Forgive & Forget because only flawless mind without any envy or regrets can be a happier one.. 😀 indeed blue sky above my head is an marvelous & infinite divine creation…I am falling short of words to describe it…

Besides this wonderfully divine emptiness there was something more…. and that was the emptiness in the minds of people sitting in these skyscrapers…….You may say that how can it be possible that minds of these technocrats …who actually work day & night to boom country’s economy & constantly strive to maintain high sensex values be empty ???? Believe me they are empty or shall I say hungry for some peace They suffer from envy, competition, deadlines, targets, work pressures, disagreements & most of all ego’s… people pay so much attention to all these sections of mind that usually the section for peace of mind… continues to remain empty….

If you don’t wish to carry the same emptiness through out your life…the only way is to try to find happiness in small things just like child finds happiness in playing with ball 😀 … though the cost of ball is trivial but the happiness it gets from the play is indeed priceless… Make time for things you love to do…yes it really helps……..I always loved writing & sketching but giving importance career some how I left these passions of mine far behind…….

But now as I said that at the beginning of this article..that I am following a slightly hatke funda for life…I try to find happiness in every moment of life a live… & some time of day I do spend doing things i love to..It has been more than 2 hours that I am blogging..need to get back to work now…indeed for having peaceful weekend… 😉

I thank God who helped me writing down this experience of mine… in words to the best of knowledge..
Have great day guys… and lots of fun for weekend of 2days…that’s it for now… hope you liked & experienced the Awesome View outside my Window …

bye for now…

Aratidgr8 😀