Hi guys,

Its a great day.. started with some good amount of work..off course after 2 days long vacation hangover…… 😉   even a small amount work appears to be like a mountain of tasks…

For me, the most dreaded day of the week …has always been “ Monday ”  right from my school days.. You blame it to my laziness or negligence but I always realized  that I had “ tons of homework & assignments  pending ” only at  Sunday night 9 pm, that made me fear Monday the most..so only options I had for Monday was either some nice lovely beatings from my teachers @ school or some red colored remarks on calendar by my friendly monitors.. 😉

During my engineering days, we usually had viva’s scheduled for Monday… I know it’s wrong on my part to blame Monday for that, 😉 but still 1 more reason to hate Monday..

I still remember when I had my practical exams of DBMS..when the entire GB road which connected western express highway to Thane city was loaded with heavy traffic jam due to major accident.. and we (all of us aspiring engineers i.e.  nearly 20 friends of mine ) had a mini picnic which made us take a small walk of  just 7-8 KMS in a scorching sun accompanied … with raw mangoes & salt as appetizers. I also had my first thrilling ride in goods carrier (Truck) that day… and & deeply remember that the day when all this fun was accompanied by viva & practical exams..was also a Monday.. 😀

In my earlier job Monday brought a hell lot of corrections in the projects completed in the earlier week.. I used spend nearly a day in fixing those bugs & writing replies for client queries… it annoyed me a bit ..but could not help it as bugs are part of IT professional’s life…

These are few things I could recollect on this great day of week…..which I felt I must pen down here….for all of you… do share your own experiences for Monday I will be waiting…. chalo time to get back to work.. I would end up saying .. “ Monday is indeed a great day .. because it marks a beginning of week, a first gift of God for all of us.. so that we look forward with hope for next  6  gifted days to follow up… ”

Love u all

Aratidgr8  😀