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One day evening on my way back home, I saw a poor boy pleading every one of us to buy his flutes. No body was ready to buy them. He cried and pleaded every one. We all offered him some money. But he refused to take. He said if you want to do something for me just buy these flutes. I felt very bad because I could not do anything for that poor boy who kept saying I do not want alms I am not a beggar, I just want to sell these flutes so that I can get some money for my family.

When I reached home I narrated that incident to my husband and I said god would help that poor boy. Much to my surprise, my son, who heard everything, came and asked me where is God? Who is god? How does he help others? Can God help me too in doing my homework? I told him God is in heavens and he takes care of everybody because he knows everything and he is almighty, but he cannot help you with your homework. Pat came the next question if God is in heavens how does he come down and helps everyone? I told him son God helps us through somebody. Some body or other comes and help us when we need God. It was his last question that left me totally speechless. He asked then why did not God help that boy through you?

I could not sleep the whole night. I kept thinking and cursing my self I should have bought his flutes and helped him after all I was ready to offer him money which he refused. I could have helped him. My conscience was pricking me. I could not sleep. Next morning, when I got ready for work, my eyes were searching for that little boy who I saw last evening, with the determination of buying his flutes and helping him. This continued for many days but it was of no avail. Then I realized god gives everyone chance to bring about happiness in others’ lives and be a Messiah to somebody. But we fail to grab this opportunity. We are always searching for something bigger, something better and that quest never ends. But we lose these little moments of making the world a beautiful place.

The days passed and I almost forgot about this incident. I was busy in my own world; completely unaware of what is cooking in my son’s mind. He gave importance to each and every word of mine “God helps through somebody or the other.” He started taking his small toys in school bag and giving to his friends. When I became angry he said my friends don’t have the toys that I have and I am just helping them because God wanted to help them through me. My anger vanished and I hugged him and kept staring at the innocence and the God like radiance on his face. He made me to defy the old saying “ God cannot reach everywhere so he made mother.” I feel God has made kids to remind us of his existence.

Story By Anu Kotwani.. freelance writer