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Much to Shuchi’s excitement and happiness that she had finished her graduation with a “ First Class ” don’t know as to what people might think but she was extremely happy with her success.. she even celebrated her graduation with group of friends having some nice Chinese lunch in resort cum restaurant near western express highway… & watched thrilling movie “ Chak De India ” …. it was indeed a moment of celebration for all of them as all of them had passed with flying colors….

So now, after graduation there was a question of getting a job ..? she already tried for some campus recruitment but thanks to the “ aptitude test ” taken as a most wisest way of measuring a freshers working capability 😦  , she couldn’t clear those, and often ended up being detained in the 1st round of selection process itself..

But there was indeed some thing different for her one time …, she got a news from friends at college that “ Intap Computer Systems Ltd ” was conducting campus interviews for their college… Shuchi was quite excited to learn this and said herself that this is indeed an opportunity I must not miss on… 🙂 because she had always heard earlier several times that “ Intap ” was one amongst the top 5 IT recruiters in India..

Well dressed & well on time (for the 1st  time 😉 ) Shuchi reached her college.. she was happy as well as nervous from within.. meeting some friends after gap of few days added to her happiness.. she got compliments from people that she was looking good in her new dress.. 🙂 . All the students were sitting for the round of interview in large conference on the 3rd floor.. after talking to few friends Shuchi learned that students were supposed to register for the interview process 1 day prior else they were not allowed to attend the interview 😦 . she was upset & went to the recruitment incharge Mrs. Dubey,  to her name in the list.. after little bit of convincing Mrs. Dubey finally agreed and added Shuchi’s name in the list.. during the discussion with Mrs Dubey,  Shuchi was extremely delighted  by Mrs Dubey’s  friendly style of communication & proficiency in English… 🙂 many of the students actually praised Mrs. Dubey for her approach. Mrs Dubey was healthy lady who must have been in her  mid 30’s who appeared to be disciplined by nature but also believed in relaxing rules for peoples betterment.. atleast this is what Shuchi felt by her few minutes of conversation with her..

After finishing the registration procedures it was time to wait for interview process to begin.. shuchi checked her watch it was around 11:00 am .. the time actually scheduled for interview’s to begin… but it’s ok..!!! she said to herself,  little bit of time fluctuation does happens… she waited in conference hall for a while and then moved to the canteen with group of friends.. they had lunch, then tea & then a long discussion on what each plans to do to get good job…

Some of her classmates had already started with additional certification courses to get good job’s.. some of them had already got job offers from the companies where they worked as interns for their summer projects done in final year of graduation… but yet there were many of them just like Shuchi  who didn’t had any offer in hand and were looking for this opportunity as good offer.. meanwhile Shuchi checked her watch … it was already 2:30 p.m and there was no sign of interview process to begin as none of the  company staff had reached campus… 😦

Most of the students were frustrated, disappointed & bored because of this delay.. some of her classmates suddenly decided to go for a movie “ Jhoom Barabar Jhoom ” . Shuchi looked at them with great astonishment 😦 thinking as to how can anyone think of going for a movie and bunking the campus recruitment for “ Intap ” …?  it was a weirdest decision ever according to her… she said to herself,  let people do want they want to.. but I will certainly leave this place only after successfully completing my interview.. 🙂 how much ever time it takes…

She called up her father at home just to inform that she would be late due delay in process & cannot accompany her sibling to journey to native place for week’s vacation which she had planned earlier … so she asked him to cancel her reservations for the day… after much waiting, talking & discussion the interview process finally began at around 3:30 p.m. as the company staff arrived at the campus..

All the students, or to be more specific all the “ budding software engineers ” were assembled in the 3rd floor conference room. A man named Mani who appeared to be in his early fifties took the charge of process … he was accompanied by 3 more HR executives comprising of  1 lady and 2 gentlemen made up the selection panel.. All of them were extremely well- dressed and appeared to be active members of  real corporate world.. Shuchi was always turned on when she saw such people with smart appearance.. she said to herself, just some more time and I might become one of them … after en-cashing this opportunity into my pocket.. 🙂

The official recruitment in-charge at college who also a professor greeted Mani with a bouquet of flowers.. gave a brief introduction about college and its progress plans in near future  and also made a mention of past academic excellence..in short.. after his speech Mani took the charge of process…

He just asked 2 simple question to the crowd..

1. What is your name & field of graduation ?

2. Why do you think you have opted for engineering as your career?

Mike was handed over to each of the student and everybody had to answer these 2 questions..

As it is said that different people, different thoughts.. some said that IT industry was booming these days hence they opted for engineering,… some wanted the job opportunities abroad hence joined the IT brigade.. and many more… finally mike was handed over shuchi.. she said..

“ Hello, Good Afternoon everyone, I am Shuchi  .A. Bunker .. I have done my graduation in IT and the reason I joined engineering was very simple.. Engineering was my FIRST LOVE in career choice.. ” everyone was silenced at that sentence of hers.. Mani gave her a wicked smile when she sat on her place after finishing her turn.. she was glad and she said to herself, “  Mani was impressed by my answer… 1 plus point to be noted my lord & smiled 🙂  ”

After the introduction session Mani asked students to make a group of 15 each & choose a topic of their own choice and have a group discussion on it.. two people from each group must play the role of Group Manger  & his Secretary.. Shuchi was in the group of one of her close friend whom she fondly called “ DK ” who played the role of Group Manager.. there group also had Sandy, Asmi, and others from computer branch … and topic of discussion they choose was “ Viva’s a boon or curse for Students  ”  they planned they discussed they noted points for the topic both for & against.. finally after 15 minutes of discussion session, Mani called up  all the students in conference hall… and said, “ My dear students, now that all of you have finished with the discussion I would like to have Group Mangers & their Secretaries to come to this dice, tell their respective names & topic of discussion and brief a summary of their GD, and I also invite the group members who disagreed to the final decision of their group and share their different point of view with all of us…  ”

The Group Mangers & Secretaries did their job well on dice and also made it to the list of shortlisted candidates.  But the crowd was disappointed and agitated by Mani’s decision or selection process because it directly eliminated the rest 13 member’s of each group without even giving them opportunity to speak on those points which they had raised in group discussion.. finally the silence was broked by a Girl named Uma Rupe..who came to the dice & expressed the feeling of resentment  which was budding in the minds of all the candidates. She said “  Dear sir, all of us were a part of group discussion, yet only Team Manager and their secretaries were allowed to come and speak on the dice. And those who disagreed to final result were invited to present their point of view, but what about the rest 13 people who agreed to group’s decision.. they never got opportunity to speak… are they eliminated for no reason… ?..  ”  It was indeed something that was currently running in the minds of all the students 😦 and the Faculty members..

To this question of Uma Rupe, Mani first of all praised the girl for her confidence & the way she presented her thought & then said, “ It wasn’t the question of speaking against  or for the decision of your group, I just wanted to find out as to how many of you had that confidence to come up to this dice on your own and speak up to the mob of more than 400 people …!!! what you said or expressed was not of much importance to me, I wanted to test your confidence…  ”

Everyone was equally amazed by Mani’s words so was Shuchi … at this time it came to her mind she said to herself,.. come on get up go to the dice and say something only then you could clear this round .. she stood and raised her hand … as Mani looked at her she said “ I have something to say… can I come up ? ”

Shuchi went to the dice and said “ Good Evening all I am Shuchi Bunker, I am extremely impressed by this new approach of candidate selection introduced to all of us by Mani sir, I am glad that prestigious organization like  Intap came to our college for campus recruitment..Moving to the topic of group discussion which I was a part of , Viva’s curse or boon for student ? according to me viva indeed help us a lot, because many of us opened course books for the 1st time for viva… since childhood we have been facing oral exams… they indeed help for those who study to gain knowledge & not only for sake of marks.. they are indeed a boon.. thats all for now.. thanking all of you out here for listening to my words with attention & gratitude ”

Mani asked his subordinates to add Shuchi’s name to the list of shortlisted candidates, Shuchi heared that and was extremely happy for her very own 1st success.. 🙂 .. few others stepped in later on dice & discussed points more or less similar to what Uma Rupe said.. Mani greeted few people’s questions with warmth while completely ignored  few..

Shuchi checked her watch it was around 6:30 p.m she thought of calling her sibling who might already started her journey to native place by that time, It was a 12 hour long journey to reach Shuchi’s native from Mumbai. But she said to herself it’s ok I will call up once the final result is out.. Meanwhile till recruitment committee came up with list of shortlisted candidates Shuchi refreshed her mind & soul with a cup of tea off course with a group of friends in college canteen.. all of them rushed to 3rd floor conference hall as  they heard that list of first round was out…

It was a bit surprising result, people who claimed to be the most promising, smart & intelligent candidates were left out, in the list but simple people with straight attitude like DK, Dia, Sandy, Trups made it to the list… indeed Shuchi was one of them … 🙂 . She was extremely happy about it, she came running to the corridor and gave this smashing news to one of her closest friend, Keyur Irlekar.., he congratulated her & she smiled loud enough to be echoed in the 3rd floor.. 😉

So, finally Shuchi was selected for the final round in a team of just 25 candidates from over more 400 … its was indeed a big deal for her…In final round, candidates were introduced to Mani’s senior he was man in his mid – fifties, looked at each candidate with his thick spectacles as if examining them under a magnifying glass.. 😉 .

He was introducing something about the companies working pattern in an extremely low volume.. Shuchi being sitted in last row could hardly hear what he said.. 😦 she once tried to express her difficulty in listening but speaker was in no mood to listen her grievances … 😦 after he finished with the lecture for about 30 minutes he said “ Candidates now that you are aware of what business we do I would like to ask some questions to you all. If you know the answer raise your hand and once I allow, you can stand up and speak out your opinion..”

He asked near about 10 question’s out of which nearly 8 question’s Shuchi tried to answer but, was never given an opportunity to speak.. reason behind this attitude remains completely unknown… 😦 Thus she was extremely disappointed by that “ man with specs ” as she called him..

After that round, the final list was out but Shuchi name was indeed missing in it 😦 …. DK, Dia, Moti, & Samrita and few others made it to the final list… Shuchi checked her watch it was around 8:30 in the night, she felt an urge of crying but didn’t do so as she was in the college and felt that crying would just embarrass her more .. She wanted to go home but couldn’t leave right now as , it was late at night and area nearby her college was not safe enough to travel alone at this time … 😦 . She waited in the classroom,  till her friends got their offer letters…

Things were disappointing not only for those who didn’t got offer letters, but it was not of much different for those who received, because job offered to them, was of “ help desk trainee or call center executive  ” coated as “ Software Engineer’s position ” which offered meager package of 15k per month & office timings of 8:30 pm to 4:30 pm at night without any pick up or drop facility… All the candidates were upset at what they received at the end of the day… after so much of expectations…

Shuchi said to herself, this type work pattern or timings was anyways not suitable for her ,… so even if she got the offer it would do no good to her…..

After a tiring day.. on her way back home.. she bought a large cone of Strawberry Ice cream just to make the feeling of disappointment vanish from her mind…

At night when sleep refused to come to her  eyes… she said there is lot more to do , lot more to see & lot more to come,… I will definitely get something I am worth of and it has to be good.. 🙂

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