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After much awaited & anticipated “ Intap ” interview venture, Shuchi continued to apply for few of the campus & off-campus recruitment programs. But thanks to her incompetency  in clearing the “ Aptitude Test ” she remained to be an “ unselected candidate..  ”

Shuchi got her final year graduation results  in last week of August.. & it was already the last week of September & she still remained to be “ jobless ” . She was damn upset by her performance, as it wasn’t something she expected her life to be..

It was a festive time at Shuchi’s  place as September end had marked the beginning “ Ganesh Festival ” . She too relaxed herself by saying  “ It’s just a month, isn’t this much time okay for job searching ??.. ” for a while.. but at the same time she was somehow worried within her own mind, for her jobless life..

Shuchi alongwith her family went to pay visit to “ Lalbag Cha Raja ( King of Lalbagh ) Ganpati ”  the most famous Ganesh Utsav mandal in Mumbai till date. People here strongly believe that, “ All serene motives and  good wishes definitely come true when one visits the Lalbagcha Raja Ganpati,  by blessings of  “ Sukhkarta ( Lord of Happiness) Ganesh… ”. Shuchi too had some wishes & hopes for her good future which she wanted to share with her beloved lord. For Shuchi  “ Ganpati bappa ” was a one divine authority who had immense miraculous powers of changing the destiny of his true followers from “ rags to riches ”

Shuchi had to stand in very long queue for nearly 4 – 5 hours to get just momentary glance of Ganpati Bappa..& say all that was in her heart to his divine presence.. Poor girl, she thought that, “ God only comes to know what his children want…when they go to his temple and ask for those things in front him, she never knew, that God always chooses the best option for each of his child.. there is no need for us to ask for something from him… ”

She said all that was in her mind, heart and which was deeply longed by her soul… in those few moments when she stood before the almighty Ganesh idol which was several feets long, beautifully colored, wore tons of pure gold ornaments & the feet pads made up of pure gold were a specialty that year.. But what fascinated Shuchi the most was those “ beautiful eyes of Lord Ganesha ”, showering mercy & divine love to all people around her making them completely forget all the pains in their body & sorrows in their mind…

2 days back Shuchi had received a call from a lady named “ Soumya ” who told her that she was an HR executive at  “ Setsystem Infomatics Pvt Ltd ” and had shortlisted Shuchi’s resume for the post of “ Software Developer ” and wanted to meet Shuchi for a round of interview. Though very anxious to get a job.. Shuchi was very much tired after this small pilgrimage of hers  and wanted to relax at home for day or two so she decided to postpone the interview scheduled for next itself.  She called up Soumya saying that , “ I am not well, cant come for interview today, please reschedule it for some other day.. ” . To which Soumya agreed and disconnected.

Shuchi was relaxing at home & having fun by doing all that she could… when around 12:00 p.m. in the afternoon she unexpectedly received a call from her college friend “ Shefali Chauhan ” asking her about her illness..Shuchi was more than surprised, as to how come Shefali came to know about the reason Shuchi faked to Soumya for not attending the interview.

Shefali explained that their common friend “ Sultan Khan ” had recommended Shuchi’s & Shefali’s names to Soumya. Sultan worked for around a month at “ Setsystem Infomatics Pvt Ltd ”, and now that he had got a better opportunity in “ Town Group Ltd ” he had left his job at Setsystem. On learning this fact, Shuchi rushed to get ready for interview, called Soumya and said that, She was feeling better & wanted to attend the interview that day itself at around 1:30 p.m. Soumya agreed to her request & allowed her to come at that time.

Shuchi  quickly reached Goregaon station & started searching for an autorickshaw luckily got one in few minutes she rushed at the location. It was an industrial estate near milk dairy. She was welcomed by smell of cow dung scattered all over the road. She some how managed to reach the premises building, was a bit upset by the environment near the workplace but some how consoled herself and concentrated on preparing herself for the interview.

Soumya was tall, slim & presentably beautiful lady with a typical south indian look on her face. She seemed to be in her late twenties. Shuchi exchanged smiles with her at first glance. Soumya asked Shuchi to be seated in small meeting room just next to the reception.

Shuchi was now seated in small room made of glass with a small circular glass table at the center of the room. She was nervous & could feel butterflies in her stomach still tried to appear calm & confident on face. Soumya came in after an interval of minute or two. Interview session began with introduction. Shuchi gave brief of her curriculum & made a brief mention of her final year project, as was on the same technology that the job profile expected.

After Shuchi finished with her part, Soumya began with company’s introduction. It was software firm with employee strength of around 100, & their main buisness was into “ Article Submission & Content writing ” . They wanted to expand their business in the field of software development and had Australian client’s e-learning website into PHP & MySQL technology. They basically needed 3 developers to work on that project.One of Shuchi’s classmate “ Archi Ved ” worked their as a developer. Shefali had also received an offer letter, so now there was only one position vacant. She prayed to God..to get this one.

Soumya dicussed pay package with Shuchi and discussion ended on a positive note. Though Shuchi received meager package of “ 8000 INR per month ” she still happily accepted that because she always knew word’s of wisdom, “ Something is always better than Nothing ” . Soumya finally said to Shuchi, that her boss was in meeting so she could not give Shuchi a letter at that time, but would call up soon to discuss. Shuchi left the place at around quarter to 3:00 p.m. with numerous hopes of getting a call backup.

At around 3:15 p.m. when Shuchi reached Goregaon station & was on her way back home, she suddenly realized that her mobile was ringing, she checked & much to her surprise, she found “ Samrita Tejpal ” calling her. Shuchi was surprised to see Samrita’s call at that point of time but still answered it. Samrita called up because, she also planned to “ attend same interview for same position on the same day. ”.

Shuchi was taken aback, she felt as if she has lost all the hopes of getting this job,because Samrita & Archi were very good friends. Archi some how never liked Shuchi though she never displayed it publicly but Shuchi knew that. The first thought that made Shuchi upset was that, if asked to Archi for candidate preference as colleague, Archi would definitely choose Samrita and not Shuchi for that position. Though upset, but still good at heart, Shuchi helped Samrita with directions to reach interview venue from Goregaon station.

At night, during a silent hour when sleep refused to come to Shuchi’s eyes she silently prayed to God, “ I need this job, my lord please give this one to me, Samrita is so smart she can get any other good job, leave this one for me … 😦 ” . Some how she didn’t realized when sleep to hold of her tired mind.

The greatest advantage of being “ Jobless ” is that you are your own boss. People around you groan, shout & curse you for a being a lazy creature but you can happily ignore all those “ busy people ” and have as much sleep as you want. Shuchi too  was no exception to this, she practiced this philosophy happily. She never woke before 10:00 a.m. in this jobless tenure.

After having nice heavy breakfast Shuchi switched on her cell phone at around 11:30 p.m. and much to her surprise all stars were in her favour. Shuchi got selection call from Soumya. It was indeed a happiness moment for Shuchi she said, “ Thank you lord for taking care of your most Stupid child … & listening to all my prayers…” Finall I got 1 … 🙂 🙂 🙂

It was Shuchi’s final year project that was into PHP & MySQL technologies that came to her savoir and made her the most “ eligible candidate ” instead of Samrita who had no prior hands on experience into these technologies… She said to herself, “ Now I come, corporate world be ready for Future’s most successful Technocrat Shuchi A Bunker …” and smiled to her own thought.

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