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Date : 12 March 1993
Incident : 12 Serial Bomb Blasts in Mumbai

Date : 28 July 2003
Incident : twin blasts @ Gateway of India & Zaveri Bazar.

Date : 11 July 2006
Incident : 7 Serial Bomb blasts in Local Train @ Mumbai

Date: 26 November 2008
Incident : 2 bomb blast, Terrorists attacks on CST station, Hotel Taj heritage, Cama hospital, Oberoi Trident Hotel.

Date : 13 July 2011
Incident : Bomb blasts @ Dadar Railway Station, Opera House, KhauGalli, Zaveri Bazar.

And the list continues with the numerous uncounted many more…
Killing countless number of innocent people, making thousands of children orphan nationwide, leaving many parents helpless who lost their only son / daughter in this merciless, thoughtless & completely non-sense killing…

I agree that Inida is not the only nation affected by ruthless blood-shed due to terrorism. Terrorism has displayed it’s devilish presence in most powerful & sorted out country like USA. 9/11 brutal killing was worst of it’s kind. But still, there was no such unfortunate incident in USA after that till date. But in India such things happen in consecutive 1-2 years making a “ Breaking News ” on all prominent news channels.

Poeple discuss amongst each other for day or two. Celebrities & page – 3 public participate in candle march against terrorism. Politicians pay visits in their Government paid “ Bullet Proof Cars ” to the affected area’s. Giving “ smiling poses ” in their brand new white washed clothes as if they were to upload pics of their Facebook account. People through out world the praise Mumbaikars for their “ Never say DIE spirit ” and finally everybody forgets as to what happened till another such incident occurs,… I consider this as height of disgust x-(

This article is not about discussing politics, what is wrong or right.. It just about voicing the pain, grief & irreparable loss that we common men suffer each day due to this so called “ Terrorist Attacks ”. Common man in Mumbai dies each day, each moment, when he misses his early morning local train because there was endless traffic on the road thanks to floods of migrants who come to Mumbai (city of dreams) each day. He misses his train because there is no auto rickshaw driver who was ready to come to his locality as it was termed so called ” Water Logging Area ” thanks to excellent drainage &disaster management systems by Municipality. Even after so much of pain if our common man manages to catch his train or bus he has to hang out on just 1-2 fingers of his toes & travel for more than an hour whereas those politicians who lavishly spend his hard earned money which is deducted as “ TAXES ” from his salary, tarvel in A/C bullet proof cars, spending crores of rupees on police protection.

He dies each day, when he has to listen to countless thrashings from his boss on coming late to office. Boss – who travels in luxurious private car sponsored by company. He has to work day & night, so that he can support his family’s needs in ever growing inflation. He always misses his wife’s birthday, child’s school function or cannot be by the side of ailing parents because he is continuously working for his “ Survival ”.

One fine day when our common man is coming back home, he either dies in bomb blasts in local trains, or is brutally killed by some Pakistani terrorits for no mistake known till date.. 😦

How long are we going to lead a life.. not even worth calling a “ Dog’s Life ” ??…I have been listening to the news that Mumbai will soon be as flourished as Shanghai since my childhood, “ It’s my sincere request to all those in power on behalf all common men, It’s perfectly fine even if Mumbai does not turn out into Shanghai, just see that it still remains to be MUMBAI – city of dreams. ”

Anyone whose not been to Mumbai or not leading a life of common man out here would consider me as “ Cynical Person ” just for sake of them, I would say that Mumbaikar is not at all cynical.. he still dreams to travel in Ambani’s Metro who promises safe & luxurious journey of 90 minutes distance in 15 minutes. He still dances, shouts with joy & flies Indian flag with honour & pride true to his heart, when India turns out to be world champion in cricket.. He still has faith in Siddhi Vinayak’s (famous lord Ganesh at Prabhadevi, Mumbai) magically powers to give strength to each one of us to overcome the natural & human made disasters that shakes the roots of Mumbai …He still expects from Indian Government they their will be doing justice in “ Ajmal Kasab’s Case ” … It this Mumbaikar (common man of Mumbai) that I salute & being one of them tried to voice out innermost feelings here…

I sincerely thank all the readers who spared few moments of their life in reading this article…
Proudly a MUMBAIKAR.. 🙂

Aratidgr8 😉