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Shuchi was quite anxious on the first day of her very first job. She actually was terrified by the rush in local trains at Mumbai. 😦 . She was astonished to see as how people staying at altogether different locations,  coming from so many diverse backgrounds, working at different levels in same or different firms, come together, meet and greet each other and become friends for life in this daily journey of about 1 to 1.5 hrs in local trains. She said to herself “local trains” are indeed Mumbai’s lifeline, because they connect people ” direct dil se 😉 ” (heart to heart).

One day before, Shuchi went to Shefali’s place for Ganpati festival. As both of them, were to join the Set System’s on the same day, they both decided to go to the office together. Shuchi because of her forgetfulness or excitement of her new job, some how forgot to meet Shefali at Borivali station. As the train began to move outside Borivali, Shuchi’s cell phone rang, she saw that shefali was calling and she realized that she was to get down at Borivali to meet Shefali, 😦 Shuchi cursed herself for forgetfulness and picked up the call. Shefali was already upset as she had missed 3 trains in waiting for Shuchi to come, when Shuchi told her that she completely forgot about yesterday’s discussion & had just passed Borivali, Shefali was quite angry on her, and she simply disconnected the call. 😦

Shuchi was already more than worried with all this new life of hers plus she had made Shefali upset that made quite sad. She called up Shefali and apologized, and told her that ” I will be waiting for you at the staircase of Goregaon station, please do come fast.” Shuchi reached Goregaon at around 9:15 a.m and was waiting at the staircase for Shefali who she assumed would arrive most probably by next train. In an interval of 5-10 minutes Shefali arrived, Shuchi gave her a disppointed look, and Shefali smiled at her, Shuchi too gave back silly smile to her 🙂

Getting an auto from station was another tuff job for both them, whenever an auto halted at rickshaw stand, 20 people jumped on it to catch up, Shuchi & Shefali after several failed attempts, managed to get one 🙂 . Both of them could actually feel  ” butterflies in stomach “ as it was already 5 minutes to 10: 00 a.m which meant they were half an hour late,  when they finally reached office they went to reception, and asked for Soumya (HR at Setsystem).

Man at reception asked them to wait & called up Soumya to inform about their arrival. Soumya came at the reception with her usual bright smiling like sunshine expression, she welcomed & greeted both. They then asked to wait for a while. Soumya then took both of them to another office of Setsystem just 2 minutes away from the one they were by company’s car. ” Too much use of Companies resources “, Shuchi said to herself and smiled. 🙂

Soumya took them to small glass door conference room, where she explained them about general company policy, rules & regulations, gave them the offer letters and finally she parted. The only thing which Shuchi found noticing was there was ” Shaam ka nashta “ (evening snacks) provided by the company to all the employees.. 😉 hungry soul must say.. 🙂

They went outside, this was small office as compared to one where Soumya sitted. It appeared as if it was office of  “Mahela Mandal” with nearly 25 ladies continuously talking. It consisted of women, young & middle aged. Just 3 guys forming “male minority camp” who sat in a diminished area in corner on left.

Shuchi  & Shefali went up to Archi’s desk (Archi Ved she was their classmate at engineering college also team member of their final year project ). They greeted each other, and sat together on same PC as both Shuchi & Shefali had no systems. They discussed about the work Archi did at Set Systems, then about Sultan (their common friend ) who recommended their names for this job, & all of them praised him for his quick wit, smart talks & good at heart attitude. 🙂

At around 1: 00 p.m. ladies club began with lunch session, there was tall girl with rather wicked looks, named Krutika, who took a bunch 10-12 plates in her hand came from the cafeteria, & loudly called up rest of the girls for lunch. Shuchi was a bit surprised with behaviour of people around still tried her level best to remain calm. She shyly joined Shefali and Archi to lunch.

Archi started with the introduction session, with shefali & others while Shuchi went to wash her hands & thus missed the introduction. Archi didn’t bothered do it again for Shuchi ( reason for Archi’s dislike for Shuchi still remained unknown:(  ).Anyways lets not get into that 😉 . Girls (in the age group 21 to 35 approx ) gathered in the middle cabinet, chitchatted work, movies, boys (their BF’s & husbands), their life in general, cursed traffic, and numerous other topics while, they shared their home cooked food with one another.  Lunch session ended in 30-45 mins. Then few of the girls went downstairs for 10 mins & walked Shuchi joined them too.

In the afternoon @ around 2:00 p.m Soumya called up from other office & asked Shuchi & Shefali to come their.  As the CEO of SetSystem Miss. Kirti Shah wanted to meet both of them. There they first met Miss. Prarthana Saluja who was the project incharge for which all 3 of them, (Shuchi, Shefali & Archi) were hired. Prarthana gave them 2 notebooks & took them to Kirti’s cabin.

Kirti was an unmarried women in her late 30’s she was tall,  extremely fair, with slightly blonde hair and has hardcore cunning Guju (shortform of word  ‘Gujrati’ – referred to people, who are natives of Gujrat i.e. State in India well known for their miser & cunning nature )  look on her face. 😉  Kirti greeted both of them  & asked them to sit on the chairs, Shuchi & Shefali both of them were a bit nervous about their very first encounter with CEO on very first day of their very first job. 🙂 .

Kirti had a laptop in front of her & was busy chatting with someone on yahoo messenger. There was a silent pause for a minute or two. Then Kirti began with conversation she asked both them to design 2-3 forms for entering user details. She asked them to make a design  for forms with respective field types like radio buttons for single option, checkboxes for multiple, then dropdowns for selecting from a specifed list, so on so forth. After she finished with specifications, Shuchi & Shefali went outside & sat near table next to reception. The didn’t had a system of their own 😦 so they used quicker option of pen sketching the layouts for forms 🙂 discussed with Kirti.  They finished sketching & cross checking in an half an hour and went back to Kirti’s cabin. Kirti glanced through the sketches while continuing  with her yahoo chat there was a  constant grin on her face as she moved through Shuchi’s pen sketched designs. After she finished scanning, she called up Prarthana and asked her to send the sketches to client for approval.

This was the only single task of work which Shuchi & Shefali did in entire day. 😉 still were happy with what was going around. Shuchi was glad that she had finally took her first step to climb up her career ladder. ;). At around 5:30 p.m. Archi too joined them at bigger office. They were quite hungry & eagerly waiting for evening snacks, after doing so much of productive work ;). All 3 of them went to cafeteria.

They had a cup of coffee, which ignited their senses & refreshed their minds. 🙂 Since, Shefali & Shuchi had no work, no systems of their own & were tired to waiting for food, they decided to leave a bit early. They spoke to Soumya & then left from the office skipping their evening snacks. 😦 While they walked downstairs, they saw a guys going upstairs carrying 2 huge polythene bags full of snacks ordered by all the staff of Setsystems. They watched him, and were disappointed to miss their share of vada pav. They both looked into each other’s eyes and had a huge laugh on that so called disappointment & left the place 🙂

Reaching back home was much easier, since they left before the peak rush hours & managed to get ladies special train. So journey back home was a easier one. :). Travelling back home Shuchi had a mixed thoughts, she was happy for new job, she was sad becuase it was not in IT gaint like Intap or Demature or Town Group (names altered for sake of privacy) like Sultan, Trishul & Nikita. She was happy to have Shefali (who was dear friend) with her at work at the same time Archi’s indifference & arogant behavior made her feel sad.

At bed time, as usual Shuchi prayed to God for a wonderful today & expected a shinny tomorrow :). She never knew what all things destiny had planned for her in future. There was lot more see, lot more to know, lot more to learn, lot more to bear & lot more to live… 🙂

stay connected as Shuchi moves ahead 😉

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