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Hello everyone,

I am back again with my magnifying glass, keenly observing the world around me. Actually I have a habit of observing every good / bad things around me, every small / big person I meet each day. There is only one selfish motive for this observation and that’s to learn something from each one of them. 😉

Now today’s topic of discussion i.e. Equality Status, it came to my mind during my daily travelling. These days  I have been travelling into B.E.S.T (Bombay Electric Supply and Transport Company) bus on daily basis to reach my work place. It takes nearly 1.5 hours (courtesy tremendous traffic on Link Road 😦 ) both in morning & evening each day. I know you all must be confused, as how does equality status relate to bus travelling???… where each day there is a new war between men & women folks for claiming ‘Ladies Seat‘. Yes I do agree that, there is a dispute on this, but I just have 1 question for men folks…

“If you can happily accept the reservations for S.C. , S.T. , O.B.C (reservation categories followed in India for minority populations ) at all the places, then why not this reservation for just few seats in a bus ??? A lady who has got up in morning at 5’0 clock to cook food for her family, who has taken care of other house hold chores, who has managed to drop her kids to their school on time, after doing so much of hard work, she has started with her journey to her workplace… Does she not deserve few moments to rest before her office work begins ???… As matter of courtesy or respect I think it’s mans duty to give away this comfort to her… anyways we need not get into that, lets move back to the topic of discussion… equality status.”

So recently I manged to get into a bus, where there was television set being played for entertainment purpose of traveler’s.  I was travelling a bit late hours, so rush in the bus was comparatively less & noise due to honking horns was also in bearable extent (usually not observed in peak periods of traffic ). So here I was enjoying my bus ride back home 🙂 . Roads were washed clean due to rains, bus was almost half empty, so ventilation was pretty good 🙂 . Drizzles of rain added to my comfort & happiness. I was in light mood happily watching some funny ads, sms jokes, Bejan Daruwala’s Horoscope alerts etc .. stuff being played on BEST TV. Then came the advertisement, which completely provoked me & my thoughts and brought me from light mood to a thoughtful mood… it was advertisement on “Save Girl Child” program.

It was indeed an informative one. Most tragic fact, that I came across was that, In India this year i.e. 2011 census reports indicated that there was a steep decrease in sex ratio (sex ratio –  how many women for 1000 men). It was 914 women for 1000 men, this was lowest sex ratio observed till date since, India’s independence. 😦 It is not only a matter of shame but also a matter of concern for booming Indian economy to kill a ‘ girl child ‘ even in 21st century.

All the men love to have a mother – to take care, a sister – to play with, a wife – for lifetime commitment and offcourse a girlfriend – to romance in adolescence then why don’t they love to have a daughter ???… Are daughters that very embarrassing, avoidable thing in life of a man. 😦

Rani of Jhansi, Sarojini Naidu, Lata Mangeshkar, Kiran Bedi, Kalpana Chawla, P.T Usha, Aishwarya Rai & many more… All of them are some one’s daughters just think for a moment 😐 if their parent’s would have killed them before birth for only one mistake of being a daughter and not a son then world would have suffered such great loss in the field of Bravery, Music, Astronomy, Sports & Entertainment… 😦 India’s name today brightly shines world wide as symbol of values, courage, self respect, belief in one’s capabilities thanks to lovely ladies who made India shinning truest to the meaning of word. 🙂

Forget about them, even if your daughter is not as intelligent as Kalpana Chawla, as beautiful as Aishwarya Rai, or as courageous as Kiran Bedi does that very fact deprive her from life… ??? Does that qualify her for death before birth. 😦 Isn’t female infanticide a worst possible crime against humanity. I simply want to know, how many boys managed to reach these heights on global stage, who were born at around same time when all of the above ladies came into this world ??…

I came across a very sarcastically interesting line, few days back I would like share it with all the people who only support boy child & consider killing ‘girl child’ sane…

” Save Girl Child, else your Son will be forced to be GAY.. “ 🙂

I know a brahmin (high profile caste in Hindu community) family who stay in my locality, it consists of man, his wife, daughter named ” Samiddha “ & son named ” Deepak “ (names changed just for sake of privacy ). Now both of his children are grown ups, son must be in his mid-forties & daughter seems to be in her late thirty’s.So this Mr. Deepak ended up doing some business in his young age which left his family completely bankrupt to such an extent that his mother had to beg for money offering her only few left alone jewellery merely to attain livelihood, moreover, their so called great son earns nothing for his family, he is always drunk & ready to fight with his mother or sister with money issues. He also has affairs with maid servants in our locality. At the same time daughter takes tutions & teaches in coaching classes and ends up working 12 hours each day to support her family and even after all this, family considers their son to be a very proud asset and achievement of their life isn’t this a height of obsessiveness for having a son just for sake of family name..??? 😦

There is some more to this, Mr. Ramakant Karmarkar was a high court Judge, he had 4 daughters namely (Suprabha, Sukanya, Sharda & youngest one Sarswati) but no son. His fantasy or longing for a son of his own made him raise a relatives son named Suryakant as his own son. Since childhood Suryakant stayed at his uncles place he was brought up with utmost care & love such that no one ever realized that Suryakant was not Mr. Karmarkar’s son. After Mr. Karmarkar’s death his wife & children were left alone 😦 and family expected Suryakant to support them as his was the only man in the house. But thanks to his greedy nature he asked his aunt & 4 young sister’s to leave the house overnight & took hold of all the belongings or wealth in the house as his own. Then these four sister’s together they studied & worked supported each other and their ailing mother and gave her a respectful life in last few years of her life. These four daughters may not have done great things for nation, but they have definitely made their parent name shine respectably in the society.

I still remember the advertisement that was broadcasted on national television in early 90’s to promote girl child’s birth rate. It showed a baby whose eye’s, mouth, hands & limbs all were tied up. A man’s hand appeared and then he released the child’s bindings slowly. Then hold the child’s hand & made her walk & child walked happily with his father. 🙂 Advertisement convey a simple message your daughter is beautiful, love her & free her from all the bindings & let her to happy & healthy future. 🙂

I am not here to criticize a son, I am here for demanding equality status to live, to be happy, to learn, to talk, to think, to have great future for both sons as well as daughters.Believe me parenthood is gift of God and daughters & sons both are his angels sent to make your life beautiful 🙂

Lastly to sum up this article on “Equality Status” with these beautiful bunch of lines that I came across in that documentary, I would love to share them with you all,

Watery cushion cuddling her, she thrives
Her limbs grow at a silent natural pace
Closed are her eyes and tiny her ears
Yet fully aware of life and its vibrations
She doesn’t know the pangs of hunger,
Her tiny pouch is filled without asking for
She kicks gently and coos silently
She is tenderly molded, perfectly modeled
Wet and glistening like a pearl in an oyster,
She is a magic of the creator
Created within a mothers womb
The magic is gone
The day she is born
Seems she is a load too heavy
Even to that woman who bore her for months
Reasons are varied, result is the same
She is left to the earth and winds
By the mother who proceeds nonchalantly to
Bear only sons!
Are such women
Mothers or man – making machines?
Women so heartless to finch at a girl
But who don’t mind bleeding and dying for
The pride called son!
Let such un – womanly women and their uncouth men
Break down, vanish and get annihilated
Heralding and welcoming the birth of a
GIRL – Child
Into a safe and halcyon world
Where girls of any color and race are received with
Joy, triumph and grace!
Hail and happiness to thee oh girl child
Welcome, welcome and welcome again!

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Daughters, who Made INDIA proud worldwide … 🙂

Aratidgr8 🙂