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It gives me immense pleasure to share with you all that today India celebrates it’s 65th Independence Day. 🙂

On 15 August 1947, India attained freedom from the British Rule. Every year, August 15 is celebrated as the Independence Day in India. This national festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm all over the country.

The Independence Day of any country is a moment of pride and glory. On this special occasion, rich tributes are paid to the freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives and fought to free their motherland from the clutches of the oppressors – British who ruled the country.

“Long years ago we made a tryst with destiny, and now the time comes when we will redeem our pledge, not wholly or in full measure, but very substantially. At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom. A moment comes, which comes but rarely in history, when we step out from the old to the new, when an age ends and when the soul of a nation, long suppressed, finds utterance…. We end today a period of ill fortune, and India discovers herself again.”

– Jawaharlal Nehru
(Speech on Indian Independence Day, 1947)

These were the word’s of independent India’s first prime minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru on the eve of Independence day. Still fresh as flowers in the minds of the all Indians world wide.

This day is celebrated as a mark of love for motherland, gratitude towards those fearless freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh, Lala Lajpat Rai, Rani of Jhansi, Subhash Chandra Bose, to those numerous unknown people who died at Jallianwla Baag (place in Punjab). To those solider’s who guard our nation day & night with true patriotism in their hearts, mind, body & soul.

Celebrations :

Commemorating the day India attained freedom (15th August); Independence Day is celebrated with flag hoisting ceremonies and cultural programmes all over the country. The main program is held at the Red Fort where the Prime Minster unfurls the National Flag and it is saluted by Guns.

The Prime Minister’s speech at the Red Fort in Delhi is a major highlight. Patriotic presentations by school children add colors to the celebrations.

Delhi’s skyline gets dotted with thousands of kites taking to the sky this day. Similar programmes are held at all the State capitals also.

The preparations begin a month in advance. Roads are decorated with flags and buntings. Buildings of national importance are illuminated.

This beautiful Video sums up all the thoughts, our history, our future & most prominently INDIA TODAY 🙂 Do spare few minutes watch this one