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So finally after so much of hard work, trails & errors, attempts, days, months & years… Our Shuchi Bunker had started earning, she was on the job now :).

Shuchi & Shefali continued with their effort to understand work. They were provided with 1 dabba (broken) system which they had to share for a while as the hardware engineer – Shlok Marathe was on leave for 2 days . That system had font problem, keys not working properly & it got hangged with consecutive mouse click’s rest of the things were fine 😉 .They had the task to transform those form design’s which they had pen sketched on first day into word document. Both Shefali & Shuchi were upset with the kind of system they were given and tried their level best to adjust with it. But working on the broken sytem was not at all an easy job. It made both of them go crazy 😦 .

They were quite a bit nervous as this was their first & foremost task & wanted it to be completely mind-blowing, hence designing simple word docs also became a tuff job for them 😦 . Some how they managed to complete those designs before lunch session and sent the updated doc files to Prarthana Saluja (Team Lead). After lunch Shefali left office informing Soumya (HR) that she was not feeling well. But Shuchi & Archi knew the real reason of her early exit, actually Shefali had to go “Town Group Ltd” ‘s office for a walk in interview sessions for the position of “Software Testing professional” located at Nirlon Complex which was just 10 minutes walking distance from their office. Reason for Shefali’s attempt of this job opportunity were, bigger brand name & handsome pay packages upto Rs.4 lakhs per annum, offered to some of their friends at college namely, Namita, Sultan & Trishul. 🙂

That entire day became big bore for Shuchi after Shefali left as she had to do some work which was some what bouncer (not understandable) to her. That too on a broken system, absence of her near & dear friend Shefali and Archi’s arrogant attitude towards her made her feel sick. Don’t know why but a strange feeling of disgust for this work place continuously arised in Shuchi’s mind. 😦 But as it is said by wise men, ” adjustment is not part of life, but it is heart of life…” Shuchi some how tried to convince herself with the place & people around. Thus second day at work which was Thrusday, came to an end with some strange disappointment. Shuchi said to herself one more day to go and then there will finally be a weekend of 2 days.

Next day again began with travelling struggle.. She was certainly unable to understand as to how people managed to reach the station and catch the same time train each day ??? She also wanted the same kinda accuracy but thanks to her late latif (slang used for late comers) type of character she always missed the train she was suppose to board to reach office on time. She missed her train, got next one with utmost difficulty after waiting for more than 15 minutes…on reaching Goregaon there was one more struggle of getting an auto in a situation where 20 people jumped simultaneously whenever any auto halted at stand. Some how after all this stuff Shuchi reached office at 10:30 it meant 1 hour late.. 😦 . Archi saw her and weirdly gestured at her watch, Shuchi was so furious, that she wanted to slap Archi for that gesture and say that you are not my boss & don’t ever try to be..just because I was a part of your group in final year project that certainly doesn’t mean you can rule on me (Shuchi & Archi worked in same project group at Alliance Limited in final year and that project in such prestigious organization was only because Archi’s cousin worked there and had good contacts with seniors). She some how controlled her anger & came to her seat & settled down.

Shuchi said to herself lets just ignore the fool’s and concentrate on work, dwelling into past never did any good for anyone 😦 . Shuchi looked for Shefali’s arrival, as she was keen to know her experience on interview day before, but to add up to her disappointment Shefali wasn’t there, she softly asked Archi if she had any idea as to what happened but Archi nodded for a big “NO”. After some refreshing up, Shuchi logged into her system and looked for any mails from Miss Saluja as she was expecting an update on the doc file designs she had emailed. There wasn’t any 😦 . But indeed there was mail from Soumya referring that this Saturday was working one and all employees will be served lunch by company. Shuchi felt more sick as she desperately wanted a holiday. 😦

That entire day Shuchi was quite 😦 actually she was a bit nervous with surrounding people. She continued to desperately struggle with the piece code given to her to fix some of the issues in the e-learning website project that she was suppose to handle. She was given some files which had tones of lines of code written PHP and many hap-hazard MySQL queries written into it. She wasn’t able to understand even a single line of code… but struggled entire day on it. Finally after much of reading and scrolling up & down with the code files Shuchi was finally able to make some meaningful page which listed the names of student’s, courses they had opted for and few other details she anxiously showed page to Archi, but Archi flatly said, ye to maine pehle hi kar liya hai.. (I did this earlier itself) you need to make a advanced report. Shuchi was burning with anger and wanted to shout at her, because like a fool she was coding this page and after so much effort what she got in return was that she had done nothing. At the end of the she received a mail from Miss Saluja asking for few changes in the design made earlier day.She checked her watch it was 7:00 p.m, she was as it is furious with Archi’s behavior so she rushed out of office in bad mood. 😦 While her way back home she called up Shefali to know about her interview, Shefali was quite happy because she had cleared 2 rounds of interview & what remained was only the “medical test” which she could definitely clear. Listening to this Shuchi had mixed feeling in her heart, she was happy yet sad, actually it wasn’t her fault it was human nature. It said that, ” Dost agar fail ho to bura lagta hai, lekin dost agar 1st aaye aur hum last to aur bhi jayda bura lagta hai… “(If our friends fail we certainly feel bad, but if our friends succeed fairly well & we perform average it hurts even more ) 😉 .

Working on Saturday’s was indeed drudgery for her, but she had no choice she had to come to office as it was an order by big boss Miss Shah. Other’s had only 1 boss at office. But Shuchi was exception, she had 2 bosses, one at office and other one at home (her elder sibling) she was always answerable to both of them & equally scared of both them. Poor girl she always feared of losing people & relations right since childhood. I know the biggest reason for her sadness was that she always wanted to please everybody… which I think is not possible for anyone else other than Lord Shri Krishna 😦

Shuchi worked for a while on the page she had completed day before with few advanced coding. Then she remembered as she wanted few clarifications on the salary structure in her offer letter. She called Soumya and discussed about incorrect deduction of TDS from her pay package, but Soumya flatly refused her point stating that deduction was exactly as per the rules and was absolutely correct, Shuchi had no option but to remain quite. 😦

In the afternoon she alongwith her other office pals went to the main office in the next building and all of them enjoyed a variety of delicacies offered in the lunch by company management. Food was actually good at taste and quality, Shuchi was delighted to see her favorite Hakka noodles in the cuisine. All of them ate well happily chit-chatting with each other. 🙂

After the prolonged lunch session which finished at around 14:30 p.m. Shuchi and all the other members, came back to the office and settled down. She worked on the changes in doc file form designs and tried to finish with the set of corrections mailed by Prarthana Saluja. After completing the work she sent an email to Prarthana & dropped an update message on IP messenger to her. Now Shuchi had no work pending so she looked around as what others were upto.. everyone busy into their own tasks. There was complete silence. Shuchi looked at Deepti (Graphics Designer at Set System) she was busy with her work & also listened to music with headphones, Deepti gave her a pleasant smile & Shuchi did the same. 🙂

Shuchi then turned towards Archi who was busy fixing some of the issues in e-learning website. She just sat next to her & watched what all steps she did to make any changes into layout or functioning. After 5-10 minutes Samta (who acted as she was incharge of office) came to Archi with a link to contact us form on Set Systems Website. She wanted a list of issues to be fixed. Archi told her that she had to finish these tasks & Shuchi was free ask her to work on this stuff. Shuchi agreed and both of them discussed on what is to be done.

After 10-15 minutes Archi packed her bag and left. Shuchi was left clueless as what is to be done she had no details or idea as to how to begin on this issues sent by Samta. But she said to herself, remember this what meant by corporate world, nobody is going to help you forever you have to stand up on your own feet & fight for yourself if you want to be “successful”. You need to study & learn all on your own. She struggled, searched & finally coded the form issues for 2.5 hours and was indeed successful in finding a solution. Believe me it was a moment of joy for Shuchi, she came to know “GOOGLE” was the only one who gave solutions for free rest of the things she need to manage on her own. 🙂

Shuchi left office at around 18:00 p.m she preferred walking back to station instead of catching a rickshaw as it wasn’t much far. She walked for while, but her mind was busy in with so many thoughts, she thought about Shefali, her new job, new work, college life, train travelling, friends, Archi’s indifference and so many other things. When she came back from her journey of thoughts she realized, that some thing was wrong. The road she was walking along didn’t seemed to be familiar, something was indeed mysterious. Most striking point was she had been walking for more than 15 minutes but still there wasn’t any sign of railway station but what was present was endless slum area, where children with dirty clothes were playing all around..there was nothing but dirt, filth, slums and lane full of public toilets all around her…yes you are right Shuchi Bunker was lost for the first time in her entire life…

The feeling of intense fear ran through her spine. She started praying to God to save her from this horrifying situation. She wanted to ask someone about the way to station but no one seemed trustworthy. She saw rickshaw coming her way she quickly halted him asked for railway station but he flatly refused & went away same thing was repeated again with 2-3 other rick’s, Shuchi’s fear was now increasing each minute & walk seemed to endless…with no one to approach, she could goose-bumps but had no choice but to keep walking.

It was getting dark as Sun was about to set, and there was no way all around finally after walking for more 15-20 minutes Shuchi reached railway line. There the compound wall was broken on both sides & people used the hole to cross railway line. Shuchi prayed to God & did the same, as soon as she reached other end and fast local train went at mind blowing speed. For moments Shuchi felt as if the train ran on her own body killing her to pieces. 😦 She drank a sip of water from the bottle in her bag and brought herself back into senses.

The road other side of railway line was much better with so many people all around, it seemed like a market place. Seeing the descent people back again Shuchi felt a bit relaxed, the feeling of completely lost now slowly vanished from her mind. 🙂 She approached few females while walking to know directions to station and finally after walking for 20 minutes Shuchi reached Malad station instead of Goregaon where she wanted to reached. She thanked God for saving her life in such difficult situation. 🙂

She boarded the train back home. On reaching home she narrated the entire incident of getting lost & coming back home with such a difficulty, She was upset to see her clothes turned out to be full of dirty water & mud from puddles… but at the same she learnt a life time lesson, she now knew the real worth of a place called ‘home’ yes it feels really secure and “happy” true to the meaning of word coming back home.. She said to the God, please don’t leave my hand ever else I won’t be able to come back home …just be with me today, tomorrow & always and smiled 🙂

Entire experience was not only learning but tiring too.. thus Shuchi Bunker goes to sleep early dreaming about her future to come. But God has planned some slightly different yet adventurous life ahead for her…

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