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One more week at Set System Infomatics Pvt Ltd begins, this one with roller coaster series of events..

Work on the e-learning project wasn’t at a very great pace 😦 actually they didn’t had any specific work at the moment. Development Team awaited for client’s approval on the wire frames sent for proposed system. Lack of much work allowed Shuchi & Samrita to spend time by chatting on IP messenger. Their topics of discussion included all sorts of things right from project coding issues to gossips about their respective boy friends 😉 . Life was simple until things began to turn into twisted tale of bitter experiences.

Shuchi had a very specific dream of a ” successful career “ since childhood… like most of the people who work in IT sector she too wanted to have posh office in huge glass building, a smart identification tag entangled around neck which served more as a matter of prestige than identification. A little bluetooth device on her earlobe whose glowing led made it perfect accessory, she would wear dark blue business suit & branded high heels which could aptly add up the ” chick “ attitude in her ;).

Yes I know you may find it a bit weird like how does clothing or accessories relate to once success… but when it came to Shuchi try and think differently…because our Shuchi loved all that is loveable… 🙂 She was fascinated by small things or words of kindness, but pretty things always stealed her heart away…This dream of success was in her mind & soul since such a long time which even she doesn’t remember … ;).

She was passionately attempting to fulfill this dream of hers, whether it meant attending a campus interview of 15 hours (for a job at Intap Ltd) or standing in queue for 3.5 hrs to attend the off-campus recruitment test for UDT Ltd (Names changed for the sake of privacy).

Her failed attempts of getting job into so called IT giants made her even more desperate for achieving this so called happiness. The concept that only, earning loads money is the key to lasting happiness & successful life was carved into Shuchi’s mind since such a long time that it became the only goal of her life.

Shuchi was extremely fantasized with Shefali’s smooth transition from Set System to huge MNC Town Group Ltd. She too expected the same to happen with her. Shuchi got in touch with Trishul, Sultan and others at Town Group, to look out for job opening for her. To add up to her excitement there was indeed a walkin interview at Town Group office for freshers for the post of ‘ Testing professional ‘ on coming Thrusday. Yes Shuchi’s expectations begin to fly. She already imagined herself in attire of IT professional 🙂 . Thrusday which was just 2 days away.

She got a set of testing question, and began with the preparation, she even thought of bunking office for 2 days to prepare for the big day, but later dropped the idea as leaves were not easily approved at Set System & were indeed without payment. 😦 She read, again & again byhearted all the question answers as if it was fixed that interviewer would ask questions only from that set.

Shefali too forwarded some testing study material, to read which Shuchi spent 2-3 hours at Cyber cafe spending Rs.60 which she regretted but had no choice, she consoled herself by counting this as investment to get good returns 🙂 at the same time she also remembered the bill Rs. 110 which she had spent at cyber cafe for practicing campus interview papers of Decenture Ltd (name changed for the sake of privacy) in last year of college and a feeling of being a loser again ran through her mind. Incase of Decenture Ltd, she couldn’t even attend the interview thanks to the bad reputation of her college trustee, company declined the entry of her college in campus interview program 😦

Phone ring brought her back into reality, it was Trishul’s call who told her to write his name & employee number at the top of the resume so as to signify that she was attending interview as a reference from him. On disconnecting she she checked her watch it was 9:30 am, just few hours left for the test, she recollected herself and began to learn those highly boring definition’s of black box & white box testing technique’s they were actually collection of jargon’s which she had a habit of by-hearting word to word thanks to her 4 year engineering course.

Finally the Thursday arrived 🙂 Shuchi could actually feel butterflies in her stomach since morning. The more she read & tried to remember the more she forgot 😦 . But somewhere she thought that at proper time she will definitely recollect atleast she hoped for it. 🙂 She informed Soumya around 9 am, that she wasn’t feeling well and could not come to office that day. (actual reason being the Town Group interview).

She got ready wearing dress which she considered to be lucky one (yes she always believed in this luck/bad-luck for things & accessories) for job interview’s. Prayed thoroughly to God to help her in interview session and finally left house at around 12:00 p.m. interview was scheduled at 1:30 at Nirlon Complex, Goregaon.

Travelling in Mumbai and that too via public transport is always painful & often more tiring 😦 . Shuchi started early but could reach Goregaon at about 1:15 p.m due to delay in train schedule & mega block that day because of which trains kept on moving at a tortoise speed. Shuchi’s heart pumped so fast that it felt as if it would bounce out from her throat. She was suppose to reach by 1:20 at Nirlon office of Town Group Ltd but here she was struggling for rick at station. Finally after several attempts she got one. On her way she saw the office of Set System Pvt Ltd, and said to herself if everything falls in place I will be in ‘ dream job ‘ I won’t have to drag myself any more to this place & bear Archi’s indifference & arrogance.

Shuchi reached the Nirlon Complex gate quickly paid the auto man and started moving in with great hurry. Watchman stopped & asked her to make Gate pass as it is she was late & formalities, further added to her disgust. 😦 She gushed into the office of Town Group Ltd but some more formalities welcomed her way.

Visitor’s were suppose to keep all their belonging including mobile phones before entering into the work area. Everyone was provided with lockers to place their belongings. Completing this security procedures took another 10-15 minutes. It was now 5 minutes for 2 p.m.

Shuchi cursed herself for laziness and ran towards the interview section, A person was collecting the final set of resumes, she buzzed into him and handed over her copy & hived a sigh of relief. In her hurry & temperament what she completely forgot was to make a mention of employee reference of Trishul on her resume which actually was the beginning of her trouble.

Shuchi anxiously waited for the process to begin, she saw some of known faces of Abhijit, Shishir, Navin & Rohit. Yes they were the ‘ bad boys ‘ of her class. “Making fun of every single person”, was their favorite activity. Shuchi saw them gave a fake smile & simply ignored. Almost all the candidates were more or less at the same level of nervousness as Shuchi.

Man with french beard came with a bunch of 50 resumes approx. in his hands and announced, “Names I call out now, will follow me on 2nd floor for interview session, rest of you stay here itself (actually they were separating the people with reference & regular applicants).” Shuchi waited for her name but it wasn’t there he finished announcing & left. There were only 5 people left including Shuchi on the first floor.

She sat at one chair reading her bunch of notes, she peeped into the adjacent conference hall and saw Sultan there, she waved to him happily and he gave her pleasant smile. She asked in sign language, if she could drop in but he shook his head & asked her to wait outside.

After around 5 minutes, “kyun chote padhai ho gayi teri…” Sultan said & shook hands with Shuchi.

Sultan khan yes he was wonder boy of her college it seemed as if there was nothing Sultan couldn’t do.”He came, He saw & He won…” this phrase aptly described Sultan. He was 6 feet tall, dark complexioned, wearing funky spectacles, and for the first time in formals, which actually suited him well. Overall he looked handsome 😉 . He was not only good at luck, looks, brain but also good at heart. Believed in friendship & kindness. Flirted with each girl but loved just one. Shuchi considered him as very good friend. 🙂

Shuchi was immensely happy to see him, afterall he was her lucky mascot whenever she met him before exams she always had good test. He sat on the seat beside Shuchi’s and began with his set of advice…

” The guy taking interview inside is a tech monster, he will constantly give you disappointed look for every answer of yours, don’t be nervous never loose your confidence…”

” He will try to goof you up in your answers so always try to use simple words & shorts sentences as far as possible. And slowly he said do read difference between error, bug & defect he will definitely ask you about this…” After long run instruction session Sultan winked at her & vanished somewhere into his huge office.

She buzzed through her notes pages to find the answer of Sultan’s question. She heard familiar voice again, “Hi Shuchi tera interview ho gaya kya …?” Gargi Marwani.

Gargi Marwani she was a perfect combination of beauty with brains. People even called her “Preity Zinta” as she was very fond of the actress and always dressed similar to her fashionista. She was actually Sultan’s dream girl, they both were madly in love with each other, but Gargi feared “parental refusal” for an inter-religion marriage between her & Sultan hence she always maintained a safe distance from him. She was happy go lucky always. Shuchi always wondered as to, “How God showers all that is good to one single person ?” whenever she saw Gargi, inspite of the fact that each one of us are his own children. It was as if all that was perfect belonged her…

“Happiness comes by default when you are perfectly a destiny’s child.” Shuchi said to herself.

Here she was Miss.Gargi Marwani, 5′ 3″ tall, fair complexioned with an average built up. Who always wore a stylish pink colored frame spectacles, now smiling at Shuchi. They both greeted each other, she wished Shuchi, good luck for interview & left after talking for sometime.

After less 10 minutes, she heard a huge guy talking loudly with all sorts of slang words like “chindi, chamdi, mamu, hrithik…” and smile returned on her face. Actually it was “Laurel and Hardy” duo of her college.

Mr. Sanjay Deepak Chobe tall, highly obese with dark complexion & acne marks on both of his cheeks (infact younger version of bollywood’s famous dacoit character, “Kaliya” from the movie Sholay). The formals that he wore looked as if anytime those button’s & zips would fly bursting out in air due immense fat pressure they were bearing.

The other counter part was a exact opposite of Sanjay, (mind you only in appearance) Trilok Marwari seemed to coming from some famine struck area, every bone of his body was visible & countable (sorry not talking about adam’s apple) he was about 5″ 4″ tall, dusky complexioned & shining teeth 🙂 He looked like Sanjay’s punter (unofficial assistant in crime).

So this combo pack of over & under nourished men had come for the same interview for the same position on the same day at same time as Shuchi, but there was 1 difference, and that was they were repeater’s (they had attempted interview just last week itself & were trying 2nd time to get into Town Group Ltd, actually too smitten by Shefali’s smooth selection in her second attempt) 😉

It looked as if, this wasn’t an interview venue but a bank robbery scene from “Duck Tales” and beegel boys were arrived for the loot ;). With a slight change, as robbers were wearing formals instead of masks on their faces ;).

” Shuchi…sss kaise hai tu ? ” Sanjay greeted aloud followed by handshake from Sanjay & Trilok. Nervousness vanished from her mind & happiness was more than visible on her face, these funky guys always relaxed & entertained everyone even during exams & viva’s and same here.

In less than 10 minutes, both of them took introduction from all the candidates. One of the guy had done MBA in I.T. There was a girl, who had done software testing diploma from SQTL. The more they asked, more was it difficult for them to get selected as all 3 of them only knew definition of “black box testing” whereas others had practically implemented it.

Suddenly 2 guys from adjacent office, called out Sanjay & Trilok’s name and asked them to come in. Everyone suspected as to, how company is conducting “group interviews” ? but they kept mum. After a gap of 10 minutes, both them came back with sad faces and left without uttering a word.

( Actually they were caught as repeaters & thrown out from the interview session with a stern warning. It made them enter in the blacklisted candidate’s list. As no one was allowed to repeat interview within the gap of 6 months from their last unsuccessful attempt. Looking at company’s strict candidate scanning procedure Shuchi was even more nervous 😦 .)

It has been nearly an hour that she was waiting for her turn of interview. Finally the moment arrived. Interview person called out ” Shuchi Bunker ” for second or two it seemed as if her heart stopped pumping blood.

She got up & walked towards him, they moved into a spacious conference room where a huge man was sitting at the opposite side of the table. He had a wheatish complexion, wore a T-shirt with peacock blue & green colored stripes with a blue jeans, it seemed as if he was wearing clothes meant for person half of his size, just one sneeze & all the zips & buttons would fly out open in air 😉 He was wearing spectacles on his eyes, he was around 6′ tall & fat was overflowing from every inch of his body. There was slightly cunning look on his face which actually went well with gigantic personality.

“Please have a seat Miss Bunker…”, He said in loud & firm voice.

Shuchi tried sitting on a chair next to her but it was a bit tall, somehow she jumped into it & tried to make herself comfortable.Meanwhile, he began with his introduction.

“Hi, I am Amit Trivedi. I am the technical lead at Town Group. If hired now, you will be joining my team. Now let me begin with the interview.” To this Shuchi nodded like an obedient child.

He began with the questionnaire, “Tell me, something about yourself ?”

” Hello Sir, I am Shuchi .A. Bunker, I am an first class engineering graduate from Mumbai University. I have specialized in Information Technology, passed in year 2007. I have done my 8 months internship at Alliance Digital World Ltd. I look forward to work into your prestigious organization… ” Shuchi said all this in one single breathe.

Ok! sounds cool.” So, what do you know about Software Testing ? “, Amit began.

” Software testing is an investigation conducted to provide stakeholders with information about the quality of the product or service under test “, Shuchi said.

Amit gave a evil grin and said, ” Ohh that was too much of jargon…please don’t give mugged up answers ”

Shuchi gave sheepish smile to this gesture of Amit 😦

Now tell me “What types of software testing you are aware of & how have you implemented them into your projects?”

Already petrified Shuchi, began to goof up her answers, now on 😦

She began after a thought of 2 minutes, “There 2 types of testing black box & white box…Black-box testing is a method of testing software that tests the functionality of an application as opposed to its internal structures or workings. Specific knowledge of the application’s code/internal structure and programming knowledge in general is not required… White-box testing is a method of testing software that tests internal structures or workings of an application as opposed to its functionality.”

” Ok so now quote an example of each…” Amit said in firm voice.

” Don’t know what went wrong but her mind went completely blank, she couldn’t even recollect a single line of example. She thought & continued to think but not even a single thought was ready to pop-up :(” Amit waited for while & then continued…

“OK forget it, now tell me what’s the difference between error, bug & defect ?”

Shuchi was confused, nervous & more than anything else angry on her ownself for goofing up with answers, this made her forget even more. She began “While developing as software, the incorrect logic is a bug, page crash is an error & non-user friendly or redundant code is an example of defect…”

“Ohh is it so…? give me some technical answers…” Amit said in stern voice.

“Now, Shuchi was confused at first when she said text definitions, he had jargon problem & when she was trying to be simple, he wanted tech stuff…” 😦

So Miss.Bunker now we move on to more generalized questions, “What is TEAM according to you ?”

“To me ‘TEAM’ means very simple, Together Everyone Achieves Miracle”

” Yes thats good answer… ” 🙂

“Ok now tell me, what do you know about Town Group, our work, market reputation, our products ?”

Shuchi said, “Actually, I don’t know much about Town Group, it’s CMM level 5 company, software partner of Town Group Financial & Banking Services. Work carried out here is basically into software testing majorly into black-box testing, I can’t comment on market reputation of the company, because I have no knowledge on it’s cliental.”

“That was generalized one, so you don’t know much about this company then how come you know about this job openings, are you a candidate from some job consultancy ?” Amit puzzled.

“No, actual my college friend Mr. Sultan Khan recommended this job to me, I came by his reference.” said Shuchi

“Ohh you have not mentioned that on CV, anyways I know Sultan very well, he is my team member, brilliant boy for sure…” Amit said in a happy voice for the first time.

“Anyways I think, this much is enough for now, you can leave HR team will get in touch with you. ” Amit said & got up from his seat.

Shuchi was disappointed as she wasn’t shortlisted. Because few of the other candidates were asked to wait outside, for further shortlisting. Still she asked Amit, “By when can I expect a call from HR ?”.

“Next week, maximum by Wednesday.” said Amit

That was it. The expectations, excitement, luck / unluck everything descended her mind. what remained was one more experience of failure, with trace of hope to receive a call back. She went to security section & took her belongings & submitted locker keys to the concerned person. 😦

At the exit of Nirlon complex there was huge glassy structure, in fact “architectural wonder” of a globe shaped building of Miracle Ltd (name changed for sake of privacy). She watched at those smart IT professional who wore some excellent quality formals, and a red colored identification tag around there neck. There was certain kind of strange attraction that she felt for that dressing style. 😦

On her way back home, when her heart was trying to console her disappointed mind, she remembered of friend Nirmala. Nirmala too had first class like Shuchi, but was still job less, remembering that Shuchi said, “something is always better than nothing” 😦 Thank God, I atleast have the Set System’s job with me. Though not a very big offer like Town Group Ltd, but still being jobless was was a far more worst thing…

Day ended with numerous activities like travelling, studying, appearing for interview, dreaming, facing reality and ended thanking god… 🙂

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