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Once there was a flood in a village. People were atop their roofs for safety. One of the men was constantly praying to God. He was deeply religious and a god- fearing man. Water level was rising steadily. Along came one boat, others asked him to climb onto it to save himself. He refused. He said, “ No, I will be saved by my God.” The boat left. After a while came another boat and again people insisted. He replied in the same vein.

The water level went up to the roofs finally. Then came a helicopter, and a rope was thrown to him asking to get in the helicopter. Again, the same answer. In a short while the man was upto his neck in water, and eventually died.
He reached heaven and bursting with anger, asked God why He didn’t come to his rescue, when he was an ardent devotee. God replied, “Foolish fellow, the rescue teams in the boat and the helicopter were sent by me. But it was you who did not want to save yourself. How can I do anything about it? I gave you three options, but you declined them yourself.”


In this world we will, of course, have to face difficulties and problems, we do pray to God during those times, but we have to continue working hard. People who blame their luck for their misfortune or spill it on God will forever remain where they are, since God too loves those who work unceasingly and do not sit idle.