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Today on the auspicious day of birthday of Lord Krishna, I am sharing 5 lessons of life that Lord Krishna shared with his closest diciple Arjun through the medium of Bhagvad Gita.

Bhagavad Gita Summary – Lord Krishna’s Teachings Highlights:

1. The Purpose of Life is God/Truth:
We may run all over the place chasing after sense-objects and be consumed in the world of desires and ego, but the sooner we realize that the only true purpose to life is God, the better chance we have to be free of suffering and torment.

2. True Meaning of Renunciation:
As Krishna explains, that sitting in a cave without any possessions, but nevertheless burning with desire is not renunciation. Being untouched by desire is true renunciation.

3. Desires Come and Go:
Desires come and go, but you remain a dispassionate witness, simply watching and enjoying the show.
This does not mean you do not act.

4. Monkey Mind Cannot Meditate:
I know we speak a great deal about watching, witnessing and silently comprehending the mind. But, lets be clear that the ability to concentrate is a prerequisite for meditation. Concentration is not meditation, meditation is much more than that. But, without being able to apply your mind to the act of steady witnessing and being constantly adrift and absorbed in thoughts, you will not be able to meditate. And without meditation, you will not uncover the Truth. Without Truth, there is no end to suffering.

5. Devotion to the Supreme:
In much of the Bhagavad Gita Krishna indicates that doing all with the Supreme in mind, is the path to salvation. This is another way to be free of the ego and pride. To devote all that you do to God, and remember that it is Him doing everything and that you are just a channel. Forgetting God and doing things, leads to focusing on results and the ego, which only strengthen the bonds of delusion and suffering.