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Laughter has freedom of Joy
Grief needs freedom to Cry

Helping has freedom of compassion
Fighting needs freedom against irritation

Talking has freedom of expression
Silence needs freedom to express indignation

Love has freedom of heart
Hate needs freedom of being apart

Success has freedom of fame
Failure needs freedom to blame

Dreaming has freedom of passion
Achieving needs freedom of determination

Greed has freedom of desire
Charity needs freedom of giving others at prior

Coward has freedom to follow all that is wrong or right
Courage needs freedom to fight

Unity has freedom of togetherness till the last breath
Trust needs freedom of a faithful oath

Time has freedom to perish
Moment needs freedom of memories to cherish

Life has freedom of hope
Death needs freedom from all the hopes

freedom is precious gift of God
Preserve it with great care
To fight against all Odds
Without it life is full of despair…

~ Aratidgr8 🙂 ~

Specially for today as India celebrates it’s 65th Independence Day.

I wish “Happy Independence Day!” to all the readers of Direct Dil Se… 🙂