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There was one family who lived in a small house. Despite their poverty, all of them were healthy. They woke up early in the morning, father to work in the farm, mother to do the chores at home and the children to go to school.

They gathered firewood to cook food. They grew vegetables in the backyard and keep a couple of goats for milk and a few chicken for eggs. They got clean water from the well but wash their clothes in the river. The children walked a mile from home to school. They only have rice and vegetables to eat and water to drink. They went to sleep early to save electricity and for lack of anything to do.

Father has only one vice, to buy lottery ticket hoping to win a small amount of money for his children’s education.

One day, father’s prayers were answered. His ticket won the jackpot making them a multimillionaire. It was the happiest moment of all their lives.

They bought a big house and a couple of vehicles. They hired a cook, a cleaning lady and a laundress. They also bought television sets and DVD players. They bought laptops, iPods, tablets, PSPs and numerous cell phones of various models. They bought all the things they had always wished to buy.Their refrigerator was filled with various food, most of them unhealthful and their entertainment center was stacked with numerous DVDs for them to watch.

Then father and mother started getting up late in the morning because they watched movies until midnight while the children chatted online and watched on you tube past their usual bedtime. Father no longer went to work in the farm, nor chop firewood and fetch water from the well. Mother no longer grew vegetables nor kept animal farms. The children no longer walk to school. They were driven everyday.

After a while they started to get fat for sitting too much and eating too much. They started to get weak for lack of sunshine and physical activities. They became impatient for being used to being served. They became the opposite of what they were.

Then, father got sick and was taken to the hospital. He stayed there for a long time. He underwent a major operation and had to stay there for even longer. All their money were spent so he could get well. The big house was sold and so were the contents.

They found themselves back to where they came from only poorer this time because they lost their most important wealth, their health. At least they still have one another.

Health is wealth


Do not let wealth eat away your health.There is a difference between comfort and lethargy. Do not get tired before, you work.

Have Simple funda for life, eat healthy, do good work everyday, love all, smile brightly & always remember there are lot many things money can’t buy.

Make money but not run behind it. Here’s wishing Good night all 🙂