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“And life moves on… ” Shuchi some how convinced herself to forget her bitter defeat at Town Group Interview and was trying to move on with what she had in hands.

It was Monday again. She reached the Set System’s office early that day, may be it was the sense of guilt in her mind for giving false illness reason the other day to attend interview.

Archi was already at her desk and as per her usual routine she was acting to be very busy…with no work. Shuchi waved and said “hi” to Archi, but she didn’t even responded to Shuchi’s greeting. Shuchi really hated this when anybody acted in this manner but could not do anything.:(

She glanced at Miss Saluja’s desk to see if there was any update from client on wireframes sent,a week back, but Miss.Saluja wasn’t there at all.

Shuchi checked her watch it was 5 minutes to 10:30. She felt an urge for having a cup of tea. She went to the pantry took a cup add sugar & milk powder & tea bag and went towards hot water dispensing machine, but there was some problem with it, because just dispensed regular tap water instead of boiled one. Shuchi was still lost in thoughts of yesterday, so didn’t realized about the water 😦

At that moment itself, Archi shouted from behind “aare bewakuf… (Ohh idiot!) machine is not dispensing hot water, why have you poured it in your cup ? Trying to make tea out of cold water ?”

Shuchi wanted to scream at her saying “I don’t get dreams that machine is not working…How can you use such a ridiculous language with your office colleague ?”

But she didn’t say a word… thanks to her disturbed mind or shall I say timid nature. She disposed the mixture into kitchen sink, washed the cup and came back to her seat with sheer disgust.

Till afternoon she had no work but sat idle at her work station, chatted with Samrita through IP messenger at regular intervals.

There was a usual ladies club gossip session at the lunch which continued for about half an hour. Then Shuchi, Archi and Samrita went downstairs for a post lunch walk. There Samrita enquired about her interview and consoled her with few words here and there. Yes Shuchi said to herself, “I have to accept the truth, whether I like it or not it won’t change.”

It was yet another sitting idle-doing nothing day at work and most frustrating part, it was in Archi’s company. At 4:30 p.m all of them ate a grilled sandwitch for snacks… shuchi thanked God atleast food was good enough to bear.

At 6:45p.m Samta suddenly poped up from nowhere and assigned some contact form not functioning issue to Shuchi.

Samrita and Archi escaped from the office at 7:00 p.m as they had to meet their respective boyfriends. So finally there was some stuff to do that day, that too urgent and as always at the end of the day. Yes welcome to a IT sector job!, Shuchi said to herself. 🙂

Shuchi juggled with multiple solutions, cursed herself for being inefficient at the moment, but still tried to debug errors in contact form. she was getting more and more nervous as clock started tickling on her head, bothering her for every minute passing by..in the most helpless manner possible.

At around 8:30 p.m she was able to fix 8 out of 10 issues in the Contact form, she buzzed issues update to samta and finally packed her bag and left for home…

She was upset, as she questioned herself as to why this kind of behavior with only me ? 😦

Why is it that every urgent tasks comes only after 6:00 p.m and that is specifically assigned only to her?
But these were the questions which neither Google nor God had answers and Shuchi as well 😦

With passing time Shuchi was now gradually peeping into lives of people around her. She was knowing many of them, right from CEO to chaprasi (Office Peon).

Alpi Shah owned Set system infomatics for past 8 years, She appeared to be in late thirty’s. Her look was a mixture cunning & kind. She was very smart, successful, more than average in looks but still single…? reason completely unknown to anyone. 😦

She had full command on her staff, by first look she meant only business. But there was also a fun – loving side to her nature. She talked to everyone with a smile on her face. Gave weekend lunch parties and daily evening snacks to her entire staff. There were fun activities and games for all, on Fridays. But the best part of her nature was that, she gave employment opportunity even to physically challenged people, so as to help them lead a self dependent life.

Yes they were 2 them in Shuchi’s team. They did usability testing, by means of JAWS (Job Access With Speech) screen reader as they were partially blind.:(

Swati & Raju both did usability testing of website content & functionality. Both suffered from severe illness at an very young age, which affected their vision and left them partially blind for life time.

They lost clear vision but not their dreams to lead a respectful & independent life, Shuchi really admired both them, they traveled daily through heavily flooded Viraar trains to reach office, which is indeed a herculean task even for even normal people. But their disability didn’t stop their willingness to work and earn money as well as self respect. 🙂

RajuRaju was fun loving guy, he always came on time and also made it a point to leave on time. People gave him a nick name, “Alarm Clock”.:) He often cracked jokes and entertained everyone around him. He was always a bit confused with what he did but tried to hide his confusion with his ear to ear long grin. for example, he often praised his wife’s cooking skills, but never bought food from home, but ordered tiffin from dabbawala (Tiffin Service) and enjoyed it in company of beautiful girls from his team 😉

swati-1Swati, on the other hand was much silent, she spoke very less and always softly. Being a oldest member of the team, she behaved in a quite and responsible manner. She was friends only with few senior members of the team and for rest of the young gang she had a professional behavioral. There was a touch a sadness often stuck to her face, may be she was a bit lonely, because of the blindness. It appeared as if, she had compromised to her current life.. 😦

Next cubicle, there was group of chirping girls in their early twenties, who all the time of day were busy giggling and gossiping about boys in the office.

kruthikaKarthika was the loudest one, she being a gujju had god gifted loud voice 😉 She was full life often dressed in stylish short clothes, trying really hard to get a hot chick look. She was genuinely weak in spoken English. Whenever she came late to office she explained her issues in travelling in this way, “Aaare in the morning no I got up der…se…(late). When I come to bus stop no…?.there was huge line thi (long queue).I pushing people and people pushing I,finally climbed in bus (There was rush & people were pushing each other to board the bus…)Then I had no chillar, (no change for tickets) so I had to quarrel with conductor no. He is rude man,…I wanted to maro jhappad to him(wanted to slap him)….and her story went on and on…” In simple words R.I.P english 😉

If Karthika was north pole of excitement, then Sneha indeed was south pole, she spoke less and that too always on her phone. It is said that, “When you are in love you forget about rest of the world” that was absolutely true for Sneha. She and her cell phone were stuck to each other as conjoint twins. Inseparable. 😉

To Sneha’s, right was head girl of their team, yes “head-girl” sound’s more like school isn’t it? But couldn’t find a better word for Samta. She behaved as a disciplinary authority of the team. Samta was a self proclaimed team lead and very good friend of Swati. Samta assigned tasks to all team members, checked their work status and updated to management. She was more like those student who always sit on the first – bench and take down notes, they obediently follow all the rules and make other children appear not good for teachers, because they want to top teacher’s personal favorite list. They find fun in discipline strange isn’t it ?

Next to Samta, was “Tarla Dalal” (famous Indian Lady doing cookery shows on TV) of the team, “Deepa”. 😉

deepa (2)

Yes God made Deepa only to be a perfect housewife, but due to some economical obligations, she had to work as Content writer at Set systems. She always spoke about her husband, monther-in-law, children and nonetheless her cooking experiments in her kitchen. She brought some delicacies which team either, enjoyed eating or for failed results, enjoyed laughing 😉 Whatever she did cooking or work, was indeed for sake of her family whom she loved a lot. Shuchi, really respected this gesture her a lot, because at the end of the day, she lead a selfless life isn’t it?

To Deepa’s right was coolest designer of the team, Bhakti she looked like Kajol from the movie Kuch Kuch Hota hai. Always with bright smile and was awesome at graphics designing. She worked with concentration and was dedicated employee for last 3 years. Special thing about her was she never grumbled to work on weekends or even for late sitting. She balanced, work and music simultaneously.

prarthana-salujaTo desk next to Bhakti was, Shuchi’s reporting manager, Prarthana Saluja. She was a living cartoon. Yeah actually, she had striking resemblance to “Olive” from Popeye the Sailor show. She was tall,smart and fast talker, on seeing her Shuchi always remembered of Olive. Miss Saluja stayed in Mumbai,while her family member’s stayed at their ancestral house in Indore (Madhya Pradesh). She came to Mumbai in search of job, and was with Set system’s since past 2 years. She was fast, convincing, loud and quick witted. She had excellent command over English language and handled telephonic conversation with excellence. She was so good at convincing client that, even if sun was shining brightly outside, she with her tactics, convinced him that it was midnight and not afternoon. There was one bad thing about her, and that was she was too favored towards Archi Ved, whom Shuchi hated a lot.

Yes Miss. Archi Ved and Shuchi studied engineering in the same college. They were also in the same project group and worked together at Alliance Office. There was strange strain in their relationship. Archi often found pleasure in shouting at Shuchi, to which Shuchi was always, quite as it was the only possible solution. Archi’s boyfriend Anil was Shuchi’s good friend. He spoke to her in very friendly manner unlike Archi. There was one good thing about Archi that was she had many distant family members on higher positions in Big IT companies. Thanks to her contacts, She even got placed in Alliance group on her cousin’s request to HR. But her luck wasn’t so favorable. She couldn’t pass in all subject’s in final semester, which made her land up in Set System instead of prestigious job in Alliance Group Ltd.It is rightly said that, “Bull shit can take you to the top, but it won’t keep your there. 😉 “.

Exact opposite in nature of Archi, was Samrita. She talked very less and always thought about others comfort in her actions. She acted in a very sweet manner with everyone. She was very particular about money. She always paid her share properly even if it was a minor amount of twenty-five paise. Her boy friend Tanay was also from the same college as Shuchi & Samrita. He was a gem of person. If he wasn’t committed to Samrita. Even Shuchi was interested for romantically relationship with him. Tanay was good firend and Samrita too. So friendship won over love…very filmy isn’t it? 😉

With every passing day, Shuchi was trying to adjust to her surroundings, people, work and more of her dreams. Her dreams had now become the goals of tomorrow, because today was far more, different than what she actually wanted, there wasn’t any bigger brand names, huge and appealing glass buildings, handsome pay cheques, training at a very posh campus. But there was a job which gave small income, there was tons of the new technical things to learn, understand and implement, there were people who praised as well as blamed. One thing I just remembered a quote which matched the scenario is, “Life is what happens to you, When you are busy making plans…”

This was just the beginning of an unpredictable journey, a lot more of sweet memories and bitter experiences were yet to come ahead. Stay tuned. 🙂

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