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There was a young man living with his old crippled mother. He loved his mother very much as he was her only son.

One day his mother said to him : My son , I have become too old and you have grown up too, it’s time for you to get married as I am very eager to see your children.

The son said : No! dear mother, I am afraid to marry a woman. As she may offend you and treat you cruelly.

The mother replied: No this won’t happen, if you choose a good girl.

In deference to his mother’s desire son married a girl. They lived in love and harmony. But a few months later, the problems started emerging between the wife and her mother-in-law.

The wife : I am not responsible for your crippled mother and I am not ready to serve her.

The husband said : “She is alone and has no one except me, as I am her only son, and our finances do not allow us to hire a nurse or a maid.”

The wife said : Send it to the infirmary, there she will receive care and all the things.

The husband said : Even the infirmary needs a huge amount of monthly salary which we are unable to pay.

The wife said : I don’t understand, either me or she here !!!!

The husband said : Ok then I would choose “her”, if you don’t accept this situation you can go back to your family .

The wife began to cry to influence her husband, but he insisted on his decision. Seeing that there will be no hope of changing her husband decision, the wife unwillingly accepted and decided to ill treat her mother -in -law in the absence of her husband .

The daughter-in-law bought a shroud (A length of cloth or an enveloping garment in which a dead person is wrapped for burial.) and put it in the cupboard of her mother-in-law’s room .

Back and forth, in the absence of her husband, The daughter-in-law opens the cupboard and show her  crippled mother-in-law the shroud saying,”This is your coffin, hurry up, your  grave is calling you, awaiting you, it’s your time to leave, Remember don’t tell this to your son, ok.”

Three years passed and the daily suffering of the mother-in-law continued.

One day , the daughter-in-law fell sick and died after two weeks . Her husband was poor and had no money even to buy a shroud for her . On seeing this his mother told him that there is a shroud in her cupboard , he can use it for his wife.

Five years after that incident, the mother-in-law died peacefully in sleep.



Do not ill treat anyone, even if your ability allowed you to be unjust to others, always remember the ability of God on you and the way he can punish you for misbehavior to others.

Have a wonderful day ahead & enjoy your weekend too… 🙂