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Happy Birthday Direct Dil Se...

Happy Birthday Direct Dil Se…

Yes it all started exactly 2 years back on, 15th April 2011

I worked as a “WordPress developer” in a reputed TV channel at that time. My work needed me to study and test few things into wordpress coding while doing google search, I came across wordpress.com as it provided users with a free wordpress blog and web hosting.

I created a blog with domain name, “aratiwpcoder.wordpress.com” as I was proud to be efficient wordpress developer 😉

Tried a few things into dashboard for some time and left… After few days, I completely forgot about the blog I created.

Few days, passed and things started to take a bad turn. It actually became a test time for me…I was going through a very tough transition in life. 😦

I was put to a test…It tested my skills, patience, relations, love, dreams and my very basic concepts of happiness.

All of happiness and peace of mind seemed to be lost somewhere that too in a fraction of a second.

My knowledge, my trust, my thinking was constantly being questioned for it’s genuineness…? 😦

There was no one, to share thoughts, and I finally had to take some tough decisions, which if went wrong could have ruined my career completely.

Time was less and decisions were tough, atlast I made up my mind and said quits to frustrating job which drained my physical and mental energy each day. I took up a simple one in a startup to ease out life @ work front.

I also had to abandon few people and many bad thoughts which were the most troublesome for me.

It took approximately a month’s time for things to settle down, after which I actually started posting in “Direct Dil Se” …

What do we do, when your PC’s refuse to work ? We RESTART them, isn’t it…I did the same. 🙂

I had give life a fresh start. The only companion I had at that time with whom I could share my thoughts was this blog “Direct Dil Se…”

It started as, medium to spend some quality time in my own company, then it became a space to keep safe all the stories, quotes, poems, pictures , basically all that I which I liked at that point of time.

Now it has become a precious collection of few thoughts and lessons of life…which will forever remain as timeless truths, even after I leave this world, it would remain as my gift for all of you.

Thank you all for supporting me, and being with me always Direct Dil SE..

Today, in small time of 2 years, we have reached a milestone of…

87, 471 unique page hits

321 posts, classified in 9 Creative Categories

295 distinct followers to daily post updates

214 Comments of praise and encouragement.

57 Facebook Fans

We Still need to go together for a long journey of constant progress to get our desired happiness and achieve all our dreams everyday.

I just need your encouragement and support Direct Dil Se…Thanks 🙂

~ Aratidgr8 🙂 ~