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Swami Vivekananda in child-hood (Narendra) usually go to his school in a horse-cart. Narendra was inspired by the cart-rider and he observed the methodologies and styles of the cart-rider and he began to like the same.

One day, in the class-room the teacher to ask the dream of all the students. Every student called-out them self as doctor, engineer etc., but Narendra stood and said “Teacher, in future I want to become a horse-cart rider”. All other students laugh at Narendra’s comment to become a cart-rider.

When the boy came from the school, his mother observed that, Narendra was so disturbed and she asked him “What happened my child ?”.

Narendra told everything happened in the school. After listening to what Narendra said, his mother took him to the pooja (devotion) room and took the “Bhagavad Gita” and showed him the cover page and said,

“Look Narendra he is the greatest horse cart-rider in the whole world (Lord Krishna). If you wish to become a cart rider then, you have to be like him throughout your life”.

Narendra replied “Sure mother, I will try to be like him throughout my life” with a smile. 🙂

better than best

“No matter what you want to be.You have to set a good inspiration to attain the same.”
Do anything but be only best of it.

Good night…!!! 🙂

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