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August 2013, has been really tough time for me. 😦

Its 22nd Day of the month… and I am unable to even put up single post on Direct Dil Se…

Believe me…! I felt truly sad about it…but certain things seem to be “unavoidable”.

Tremendous work pressure and few abruptly surfacing health issues kept me away from DDS for while..but good thing is I have found a fix for them. 🙂

This kind of absence won’t be happening anymore…! 🙂

Fans of DDS will now definitely see some wonderful posts, regularly as they used to earlier.

So all the guys please keep #reading. Enjoy your life and work too.

Be #happy always. 🙂

Ant Skills

JIM ROHN’S – ‘Ant Philosophy’

1. Ants never quit.

Have you noticed how ants always look for a way around an obstacle?

Put your finger in an ant’s path and it will try and go around it, or over it. It will keep looking for a way out. It won’t just stand there and stare. It won’t give up and go back.

We should all learn to be like that. There will always be obstacles in our lives. The challenge is to keep trying, keep looking for alternative routes to get to our goals.

Winston Churchill probably paraphrased the ant’s mindset when he offered this priceless advice:

2. Ants think winter all summer.

Remember the old story of the ant and the grasshopper?

In the middle of summer, the ant was busy gathering food for the winter ahead, while the grasshopper was out having a good time.

Ants know that summer, the good times won’t last forever. Winters will come.

That’s a good lesson to remember. When the going is good, don’t be so arrogant as to believe that a crisis or a setback cannot happen to you. Be good to other people. Save for a rainy day.


3. Ants think summer all winter.

As they suffer through the unbearable cold of the winter, ants keep reminding themselves that it won’t last forever, and that summer will soon be here.

With the first rays of the summer sun, the ants come out, ready to work and play.

When we are down and seemingly out, when we go through what looks like a never-ending crisis, it’s good to remind ourselves that this too shall pass.

Good times will come. It’s important to retain a positive attitude, an attitude that says things will get better.

As the old saying goes, TOUGH TIMES DON’T LAST. TOUGH PEOPLE DO.

4. Ants do all they possibly can.

How much food does an ant gather in summer?

All that it possibly can!

Now that’s a great work ethic to have. Do all you can!

One ant doesn’t worry about how much food another ant is collecting.

It does not sit back and wonder why it should have to work so hard nor does it complain about the poor pay! Ants just do their bit.

They gather all the food they can.

Success and happiness are usually the result of giving 100% – doing all you possibly can.

If you look around you, you’ll find that successful people are those who just do all they possibly can.

Have a great day ahead ! 🙂