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A goat with its goat-ling was grazing in the jungle, when they came near a Lion’s cave.

The kid out of curiosity wanted to go inside the cave and see how a Lion’s cave looks like. Even though the mother goat rejected his demand at first, finally she had to agree due to the kids consistent pleading.

They both went inside the cave, but before they could come out, they saw the lion approaching towards the cave. Both of them trembled with fear of becoming an easy prey for the lion.

The quick witted mother goat thought of a smart plan. It modulated its voice and said aloud, “Kid! today, we shall have a Lion for Lunch”. Hearing the coarse and booming voice, the lion got frightened and took to its heels.

On his way back lion was stopped by a fox he asked the reason for the lion’s flight. On listening to lion’s story, the fox understood what had happened and asked the lion to return back to his cave.

However, the lion was scared to go back. So the fox told the lion, “If you are still frightened, why don’t you tie our tails so that we shall be together and see for ourselves?”. To this the lion agreed and they tied their tails and started back for the cave.

Now it was for the goats to be doubly frightened. Still, hiding inside the cave, the mother goat gave out a shrill cry and shouted, ” Well, Well, Our loyal friend fox has brought back our prey – the Lion”

Hearing it, the lion, now suspicious of the motive of the fox started running far as fast as its legs could carry it. The fox, not being able to keep up with the speed of the lion, got pulled over stores and bushes and died.

The goat and its kid went home safely and had a hearty laugh.


Moral as specified in “Panchtantra”

If you are quick witted, you can face any challenge / situation.

But there is still much more, than this what we can learn from each character of this story.

What do we learn from Lion?

He is the king of forest. The cave is its own home. Still hearing a strange voice, it got frightened.
It did not have trust in its own might. It was not familiar with its own territory. Had the Lion ventured into the cave, the story would have taken a different twist.

So, we learn:
One must realize his own strengths first and act accordingly instead of panicking when faced with unknown situations.

What do we learn from Fox?

It had no business in trying to advise the Lion. Probably the greed of a sumptuous meal the made it to advise the lion.

By tying its tail to that of the lion, it left for itself little or no chance of escape and due to that, it met with a horrible death.

So, we learn:
Do not poke your nose into matters that don’t really concern you, especially when dealing with the high and mighty.

What do we learn from Goat?

They knew that it was the lion’s cave. They knew the danger that was present. When they entered the cave, if the lion had been there, they would have become easy prey.

It was sheer luck that the cave was empty. They would not have had a chance even if the Lion cubs had been around.

Knowing that danger was around when they entered the lion’s cave, they should at least have thought of and made an escape plan before venturing inside. It was dumb luck and sheer presence of mind that they managed to escape.

So, we learn:
Know your path before you venture on it, it is always better to have an alternate plan. When faced with danger, do not panic.