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A story is related about Puryaye Vali who was considered as a world champion in wrestling as well as a symbol of manliness and bravery.

Once he visited another country for a wrestling contest which was scheduled with the champion of that land.

On his way, he came across an old woman who was offering people sweets as charity and asking them to pray for her son.

On her way, she approached Puryaye and offered him the sweets.

He asked her what they were for, she said, “My son is a wrestler who is being challenged by a champion from another country. We live on the income he gets from wrestling matches and if he loses this contest we will have nothing to live on.”

Puryaye was now at cross roads, whether to show his strength or manliness at the contest the next day or let the opponent win so that he continues to earn livelihood for him and his family.

Although he was far stronger than his opponent he wrestled in such a way so, as to let his opponent win.

He said it was that moment when, he suddenly felt as though his heart had been opened and he was surrounded with peace.



“The strongest person is he who has conquered his desires.”