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A young lieutenant was passed by a subordinate, who failed to salute. The lieutenant called him back, and said sternly:

“You did not salute me. For this you will immediately salute two hundred times.”

At this moment the General came up.

“What’s all this?” he exclaimed, seeing the poor subordinate about to begin. Then, lieutenant explained the entire scenario to his senior as follow.

“This ignorant failed to salute me, and as a punishment, I am making him salute two hundred times now.”

“Quite right,” replied the General, smiling.

“But do not forget, sir, that upon each occasion you are to salute in return.”




“Respect is commanded not demanded.”

What wonderful lesson we learn from this short story isn’t it ?

It teaches us to be polite to one and all, even to those who are in a inferior position as compared to us. 😉

Care, Compassion and Respect, it is always first two you give and earn the third one.

Have a wonderful evening ahead. 🙂