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A certain man had to go out to another town miles away.

It was night and pitch dark, and all he had was a tiny little lantern which could, at most, light a couple of steps.

As the journey seemed so long, and the night dark, he was depressed and unsure of reaching his destination with only this tiny light to his aid.

While he stood at his door utterly frustrated and helpless, a enlightened man appear in front of him and asked, why he was standing at his door with a lantern in his hand.

The man replied that he really did not know what to do, though he was all set for the journey, it appeared so long, and the night so dark, that his small lantern could not really be of much use.

To this holy man said to him that it was not necessary to have a light big enough to illuminate his entire path.

He said calmly,”My friend as you proceed, the light will move with you, so that the next one or two steps will always be clearly visible to you. All you need to do is to hold on to this light and start walking. This darkness will get clear with the rising of the sun. If you keep walking you will definitely reach the destination you desire to reach.”

By Shri Shantananda Saraswati


Moral :

Journey of thousand miles, begins with a single step!
Intelligent use of assets we have, accompanied with true efforts make any task achievable.