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Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Sara.

Every Christmas she had a special dreams but this one was the best!

She dreamt that she could write to Santa Clause! So, every Christmas she used to write to Santa to help the poor instead of her gifts.

That she wanted to help in cultivating the town slowly to cultivate the country and then the world itself.

How she wished that the dream could come true. She tried to write a letter and posted it in the post box.

But somehow she doubted it is true because she knew there was no address she had just written “to dear Santa”.

The next day, she received a letter from Santa Clause himself! She first thought it was some kind of joke that has been played by some prankster but when she opened it she was surprised. It said:-

Dear Sara,

We are very much indeed pleased by your letter. So we will grant you a boon that every year you can write a letter regarding your wishes. We won’t object if it is for your benefit or the others.



She could not believe her eyes. She read the letter over and over again and then she was convinced that it was not a prank. Every year on Christmas she made thousands of people happy with the help of her boon.

One week before Christmas she broke her arm. The doctor said that it was critical and that she could not use her fractured hand for any work! This was indeed a bad news. She would miss her letter this year!

On the day of Christmas she cried in her room, she thought she could make others happier this Christmas. There was another choice though but she did not want to use it. The option was that she could make others write the letter only if the letter was a wish for Sara herself only. But if it was the sake of others then Sara could not make others write it for her.

Suddenly a fairy appeared in front of her and said “dear Sara you are so kind in this vicious world. You don’t want to use the boon for yourself. You would rather use the boon for others than yourself. So we have decided to give you a lifetime boon which means you can make a wish a last wish which will last your entire lifetime and when you pass away then the boon will go away too. Make the wish my girl”

“my wish is that I want each and every person on earth to have a very good Christmas every year”

“you are very kind my girl. You are ready to help this vicious world. But if it is what you want then let it be granted. Bye Sara, I hope you prosper in life.”

With this she disappeared in a flash. Sara left a sigh of relief. She lived happily ever after with a smile always present in her life.



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Here’s Aratidgr8 signing off for today…! Hope you all have lovely & prosperous Christmas. 😀