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December is fading away,
There’s a new year coming your way.

All frustrations drowned,
With the chill of cold air around.

As the new year rises array,
Everybody say hip hip hurrah!

Do you remember the things that made you laugh,
Or the ones that made you cry like a calf?

Never forget the luck you had the whole year;
if you didn’t have any, don’t moan saying’ “oh dear”!
cause there’s more to come in the new year!

There comes Santa with yummy goodies
For the sweet charming little buddies.

Goodbye is what is said to this year
expecting more to happen in the next year.

Have fun everyone! and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Source: http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/happy-new-year-#ixzz2p3Ohmoez

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Here at Mumbai, as the sun sets for the one last time in 2013 leaving amazingly colored sky behind.

I pray for all of you to have great health, good work & happier moments throughout the coming year.

HAPPY 2014 everyone..! 🙂