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Once there were two friends, named Gurmukh and Manmukh.

Their friendship was deep, but had one difference between them which was, Gurmukh completely believed in God, while Manmukh was an clear atheist(one who does not believe that God exists).

Gurmukh would wake up early in the morning, take a bath and recite the holy hymns, while Manmukh would still be lying on his bed, in a sound sleep.

Once they were going on a journey through a forest. As they were passing through the forest, Manmukh found a bag of coal. He was very happy because he could sell it and make some money.

As they further walked while talking to each other, Gurmukh screamed with pain. It appeared that a piece of glass went inside his leg causing an injury.

While Gurmukh was in pain, Manmukh started laughing. Gurmukh was surprise and asked him, “What was it that made him laugh?”

Manmukh said, “You have been worshiping God everyday and what you got in return is an injured leg. While I have never worshiped God and I still got a bag full of coal from which I can make lot of money.”

An old wise man happened to be passing near by them when he heard Manmukh’s comments, he had a big ironic smile on his face.

Manmukh was astonished when he saw the old man smile. Manmukh asked the old man why was he smiling?

To which the old man replied, “You are naive, you are unaware of what God’s motive is,

Manmukh, my friend you were destined to find a bag of diamonds today, but because of your disbelief ended up with just of bag of coal.

And your friend Gurmukh, was destined to die at the moment when he got his leg injured. As he worshiped God everyday, the pain of death simply turned into a small injury.”


Yes I know what you will be saying on reading this story, “God is great!” 😉

Haah…! ending a long day on this positive note. Feeling great as I just shared one of the stories which I learnt in my childhood. 🙂