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I was walking near a mental hospital the other day.

When I heard all the people inside (patients) were shouting “13…13…13…”

Hospital had huge wooden fence, which was too high for anyone to see over 😦

But there was a little gap between the wooden planks at one place. I could not hold on to my curiosity any more, so I tried to look through that space to see what this noise was all about.

Suddenly some idiot poked in my eye with sharp stick.

And all of them started shouting “14…14…14…”

Hahaha 😀 funny story isn’t it? but at the same time teaches us a very important life lesson, that its is harmful to poke our nose, in matters not concerned with us. It teaches us to concentrate on our desired duty rather jumping into all the things happening in our surrounding.


Make somebody happy today, mind your own business!” ~ Ann Landers ~