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A clerk, coming out of his office, glanced at the Emperor palace with its shining domes and thought, “What a shame that I wasn’t born in the royal family. Life would have been so easy then”.

The clerk then went in the direction of the town centre, were the rhythmical banging of the hammers and loud shouts were heard.

The workers were building a new building right in the middle of the square. One of them saw the clerk with his papers and thought: “Why didn’t I go to study, like my father told me. Now I would be doing easy jobs, writing texts the whole day, and life would be so easy then.”

At that time the Emperor came to the giant window in his palace and glanced into the square.

He saw the workers, clerks, salesmen, buyers, children and adults, and thought how it must be good to be in the fresh air all day, doing physical work, or working for someone, or just being a street vagrant, not thinking at all about politics and other difficult questions.

“What a simple life these simple people must have” – he whispered.



“Uneasy lies in the head, that wears the crown.” With great authority also comes great responsibility. God has given each one of us a task, we just need to be good at what is our own responsibility.

Have a great day ahead. 🙂