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The most used alphabet “A” doesn’t appear in spelling of 1 to 999…

It appears first time in 1000 and continue till CRORE..

“Success requires patience and dedication.”


The honest mirror showed her first few gray locks

She dyed a little that day!

Change is the only constant


Her left over french fries…

Were his “HAPPY MEAL”

What is ‘waste’ for us, might be the only ‘best option’ for others.


“double tick”     Message sent – 11:15 p.m.

“last seen” – 1:30 p.m

Dark circles – everyday

Learn to value people, who love you and try to be in touch with you. If you constantly ignore them, there will be none, one day.


He followed her ashes in the Ganges

An year later, he slid an envelope in same gushing water

His first paycheque had to go to Mother…

Love your parents, when they are with you. Because once they are gone, they gone forever