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My little boys and I thought to perform an experiment.

We cut an apple into two equal halves, put them each in a separate plate, and placed them in opposite ends of the room.

We labeled one plate positive and labeled the other negative.

Throughout the day, we said lovely positive things to the positive apple and terrible things to the negative apple.

We told the positive apple “I love you”, “you are important”, “I believe in you” and we said “I hate you”, “you are worthless”, “you disgust me” and such to the negative apple.

It felt so awful to say such mean things to the negative apple that we decided to always speak to the positive apple last so it would be the last thing we remembered saying out loud.

Over the course of five days, our whole family became involved in our simple experiment. The boys visiting aunts, uncles, and cousins all joined in to talk to our apples throughout the day. It became an interesting topic of conversation and everyone asked us to keep them posted on our results.

So, here you go. Can you guess which apple was which?

Yes, the bigger apple on the left was the positive apple and the shrunken apple on the right was the negative apple.

The positive apple was loved, the negative apple was hated. The positive apple was supported, the negative apple was depreciated. The positive apple was resilient, the negative apple deteriorated.

When I talked about the results of this experiment with my boys, we talked about the power of our words and our thoughts and their ability to influence life and health.

Not only are spoken words important, but so are the thoughts we play in our minds.

My hope is that we remain conscious of the things we say and the things we think about ourselves and each other.

We noted, “words are powerful”.

Stay positive. Love yourselves and each other. Your life depends on it.


Have a wonderful evening ahead! 🙂