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Love is when

Love is when

Love is when, a day begins with a gentle forehead kiss,
Love is when, a day ends resting on a caring shoulder in a lovely bliss.

Love is when, just a thought of someone can make you smile or cry,
Love is when, long hours spent together seems seconds on the fly.

Love is when, whole world seems beautiful to you,
Love is when, even mirror smiles at you.

Love is when, trust, faith & respect are not just words,
Love is when, you dress up everyday wanting to look glamorous.

Love is when, you share thoughts, dreams and make moments of memories,
Love is when, you care in despair, loneliness and worries.

Love is when, you wipe tears with smiles,
Love is when, you walk together tirelessly hundreds of miles.

Love is when, doing stupid things together seems always wise
Love is when, surroundings appear fresh & brighter are skies.

Love is when, you love someone even when that person hates,
Love is when, moments count but you forget those dates.

Love is when, you fight without bitterness,
Love is when, even being miles apart, in hearts always dwells closeness.

Love is when, working together is sure success,
Love is when, no failure is big enough to depress.

Love is when, you care about someone before yourself,
Love is when, you find someone who completes all your emptiness.

Love is when, you are attracted not just to someone’s body, but mind and soul,
Love is when, attracted are two opposite poles.

Love is when, silence is more meaningful than words,
Love is when, two hearts caress as minds converse.

Love is when, there is freedom to fly,
Love is when, there are reasons to come back and roots to forever stay.

Love is when, you are never alone,
Love is when, someone is on your mind in smile and frown.

Love is when, life becomes a joy ride,
Love is when, together we stay strong with passing time and flowing tide.

Love is when, there is nothing to hide,
Love is when, you are accepted with pride.

Love is when, time spent together is precious gift,
Love is when, even daily thoughts become poetic.

Love is when, on seeing someone your heart skips a beat,
Love is when, you are willing to give, without any expect.

Love is an unconditional care when that of a parent,
Love is a pure innocence when that of a child.

Love is an unhurt mischief when that of a sibling,
Love is a secret for life when that in friendship.

Love is strong trust and support when that of spouse,
Love is an unbreakable bond of family that a make “home” from just a house.

Love is high ambition when that in work,
Love is divine faith when that in worship.

Love is a like pair of hand and eyes,
As hand get’s hurt, eyes cry, making the hand run for wipes.

Love is you, Love is me,
Love is what makes us we.

Still I don’t know why is it so difficult to say,
“I love thee…!”

~ Aratidgr8 ~

Dear readers,
written with lots of love hope, you like it. 🙂 ❤