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Once watching outside my window,
I saw a bird in clouded sky, difficult to say if eagle or a crow…

Shining black were it’s wings, floating free of any burden,
It went down, right, left and then shot upwards all of sudden.

It had no fear, guilt, love or hatred for those flying above or around,
There was a tranquil silence with no discomforting sound.

Early droplets of rain blurred my vision,
Or was I jealous of the free bird sitting in my golden prison?

Changing weather or obstacles in the sky
Couldn’t stop the bird, as it confide in it’s strong wing’s flying very high.

Zoom came a plane, leaving behind a long trail of white smoke
Bird quickly changed it’s path as the obstacle approached,
Giving me a quick life lesson, it is mightier to bend than to stay stiff and get broke…

As time progressed, with an evening fall, bird seemed eager to go to it’s shelter,
Or was it just my mind calling for home and evening that was more calmer.

Vanished bird to it’s nest, after a tiring day craving for some rest,
Keeping me longing for a simple life, where hard work was always followed by complete rest.

Memories of my carefree childhood clouded my mind
When was that time…? when, I smiled often and lesser frowned.

Game of life is an unsolved puzzle…?
Just like the ‘beautiful bird’, we too have to keep flying through in sunshine and drizzle.


~ Aratidgr8 🙂 ~