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She is wild, she is chilled.
She is at times worried but mostly, as carefree as child.

She is blissfully happy in silence, yet equally enjoys noise and menace.
She strongly dislikes abuses, but in anger she too uses crash words.

She sometimes hates the ones she loves,
And at times admires the qualities of the ones she hates.

She is a social animal, but also treasures solitude in her own space.
She is satisfied with minimal, yet cherishes larger than life dreams.

Her mood is sunshine and warmth one moment,
And like thunder and lightening the next second.

She thinks with her heart and not with her brain,
That makes her always land into a, ‘sure confusion’.

To save her relations, she apologise’s even when not guilty.
All her efforts to win affection, is a ‘balanced insanity’.

She believes more in her doubts than certainties,
That makes her a,’cheerful pessimist’.

She cries tears of joy, when she is happier.
She smiles consistently, when hiding a silent tear.

She craves for the feeling of being in love and being loved by someone,
Yet as destiny played it’s part she was never really loved by anyone.

She is strong in situations that others scare,
Attached to her soul is an invisible tag, ‘fragile-handle with care’.

Her life is ‘bitter sweet’ story,
She is a God made, “oxymoron” truly.

~ Aratidgr8 ~