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Pitch dark star less sky…
Twinkling lights far away.

Sitting on mountain top surrounded by woods…
A chaotic city soul seeks solace and peace.

Buddha smiles at her with a radiant glow…
Lord’s eyes convey her to look for happiness within her soul.

To be loved by someone is what she always yearned…
Lord said, “Don’t forget to love yourself only then you can be truly loved.”

She said, “My Lord, what is it having which I can be the happiest?”
Lord said, “Happiness is only in giving because what is taken can anytime be lost.”

She said, “My Lord, when I am your own why do you hurt me and break my dreams?”
Lord said, “Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls.”

She said, “My Lord, make me the prettiest and beautiful of amongst all?”
Lord said, “You are my masterpiece, and unique in every way amongst others all.”

She said, “My Lord, what is the meaning of life?”
Lord said, “Don’t ask me what is the meaning of life…you have to define it.”

She said, ” My Lord, I am confused and tired, walking all by myself…”
Lord said, “It is your road, yours alone others can walk it with you, but you will have to walk it yourself.”

She said, “My Lord, I can’t say it in words, can you just listen through my heart?”
Lord said, “Relax, your problems are in my hands now…you and me will never be apart.”

~ Aratidgr8 😊 ~