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Shuchi’s life at Set system, now regularised a bit. She became, used to her daily schedule of getting up in morning, getting ready for work, thoroughly following the routine train travelling timetable, lunch session with “Mahila Mandal” (group of ladies) in the office…even Archi’s arrogant behaviour became part and parcel of her life. Her only friend at this new place was Samrita, she spoke little but always in a sweet manner, supported and accompanied Shuchi all the time.

The only thing bothering Shuchi’s mind was, there wasn’t any update about the new project that was assigned to Shuchi and Samrita, no client calls, or emails on progress report.Even she had not seen Miss. Saluja around since past few days it constantly remained a matter of concern for her.

It was Thursday afternoon around 1:30 p.m everyone was busy at there work, Shuchi and Samrita were fooling around as usual, waiting for lunch session to start soon, so that boredom would finally end. Samrita pinged Shuchi and asked, “After lunch will come along to meet HR as I have to collect my offer letter?” to which Shuchi nodded in reply.

Lunch session that day was brief one, girls were low on energy levels, something seemed to be a miss… 😦 Actually situation seemed like, “silence before the storm” kind. Lunch group was suddenly divided into two, Samta, Swati and Miss Saluja formed one group, which ate in pin drop silence in corner, while rest of the girls were on other side, eating together and talking in murmurs, seemed like gossiping about other three. Shuchi’s pessimistic mind was hyperactive, but she preferred to stay silent.

After the lunch session, Shuchi, Archi and Samrita went downstairs, and an argument begun between Samrita and Archi, as per Archi had news as to what was wrong, according to her company was planning to fire some/all of us, (to be specific she meant everyone else other than herself). Which meant, Shuchi’s job was in big trouble. Shuchi dismissed it as rumour while Samrita was confused.

At around 3 p.m. Shuchi and Samrita went to neighbouring office to meet HR and collect Samrita’s appointment letter. Soumya (HR) was eating lunch at that time, so she just gestured them to come after some time, but in a moment changed her mind and told them, that she would come to their building as soon as she finished her lunch as she had something important to discuss with both of them. Shuchi’s heart skipped a beat, she had that kind of feeling which one gets when something bad is about to happen…a sinking feeling. 😦

At around 3:45, Soumya finally came to office, and took Samrita and Shuchi to conference room. There was hope and happiness in Samrita’s eyes as she expected to get her very first appointment letter and there was fear and nervousness in Shuchi’s eyes of her losing her very first job.

All 3 of them sat, and Soumya began, “Hey guys, I have some news for two of you, the Australian e-learning website project for which we hired you both, unfortunately we have lost the deal. Currently we have only one website that is our own company website and blog which mostly has only maintenance work for which we have already hired Archi Ved, and as of now we do not see any new development project coming in, so the job for which we hired you both actually does not exists. If you wish to continue working with us you will have to give up coding and join content writing team, also taking up this offer means, your salary will be revised to that of trainee content writer post which is lesser than what you get currently. If you are not interested in this profile, we can relieve you from this service effective today onwards. You would get the pending salary for all the days that you have come to office by the end of this month.” after this 3 minutes long speech, there was perfectly pasted fake sympathy all over her face.

Shuchi and Samrita looked at each other for a moment and then turned towards Soumya, Shuchi with clear disappointed look, while Samrita still trying to be calm and composed, asked Soumya as to what went wrong all of sudden, to which Soumya had perfectly drafted reply, “Because of global recession, markets are unpredictable project confirmation was in process when you guys were hired, but unfortunately deal could not be confirmed because of financial issues and we lost the project.” Still digesting over the reality, Samrita finally said, “If you get any new project, will you be giving us another opportunity?” to which Soumya happily nodded, there was a feeling of relief on her face as finally the dirty task of firing someone, handed to her was over.

After the discussion concluded they came back to desk Archi was curiously waiting to know what was going on inside, Samrita told her everything in minute detail in lowest volume possible, Shuchi was quite…as she was completely blank or clueless at time, it wasn’t the job of her dreams so it didn’t felt bad, but at the same time that was the thing she had in her hand which was now lost, so it did feel little bad.

In about 10-15 minutes both of them packed their bags and left office once on road, Samrita’s eyes started watering.. she was crying more evidently now, Shuchi was now in even more confused state. What could she say to Samrita? How could she console her? as both of them were practically sailing in the same boat. Still Shuchi mustered some courage and some how started giving positive advice to her, she said we could take someones help and find new job, we could ask Sultan (common college friend) once, may be he would make fun momentarily but will definitely help. After some walk as the first feat of anger and sorrow subsided a bit, they reached station and took a train to Borivali.

At Borivali they met Samrita’s boyfriend Kanan, he was a sweetheart in real sense. He cheered and motivated both of them with his inspiring talk and lightened their spirits, his talk was actually something that both of them needed desperately, he gave them some hope that everything’s going to be alright even if it is all messed up at the moment. He gave them few suggestions for job, he suggested them to go for MBA or any other short term courses which could fetch them a better job. He also cracked some SRK jokes and made both of them laugh for a while.

Shuchi now desperately needed some alone time, after she bid adieu to both of them she preferred walking back home instead of taking a bus which was about 4kms distance. She needed no one else but just her thoughts to accompany her, something unexpected had happened there was a turmoil in her mind…it was full emotions not one but different emotions were prominently felt by her.

She was sad, she was confused, she felt defeated, at one moment she was relieved that she need not do the job that she didn’t like, she was happy that, now she didn’t have to face the people who disliked her, at other moment she was clueless as to where new job would come from, she was worried that what if she might never be able to get another job, she feared how her family would react to all that happened, will they blame her or will they support her. Somewhere she always knew that this job could never give her financial satisfaction, but it was also a small road which could act as a connecting link to the highway of her dreams. She was angry with God, as to why he snatched away from very little that he gave to her, she cursed her situation, destiny and every possible thing she could think of. After about a 45 minutes walk Shuchi finally reached home, exhausted both physically as well as mentally.

It was around 5:15 p.m in evening everyone at home was surprised to see her back from office so soon, as her usual home coming time was around 8:30 to 9:00 p.m. Her gloomy face was a clear indication that something wasn’t right. Finally she broke the silence and told each every incident that happened through the day, her family was supportive, it was not a very big issue for them, they were even more confident about Shuchi getting a new job than she herself.

Even after multiple doses of motivation from different people, Shuchi still wasn’t her happy self. At night when everybody else was fast asleep, she was listening to radio putting on headsets, some where she read music had a good therapeutic effect on human brain…she had no clue that in future she was about to face numerous situations which no therapy could cure, as they were scars of experiences.

Stay with us, Shuchi explores the plans of her destiny.

to be continued