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I am soon to complete “  silver jubilee of life ”  in simple words.. Its my 25th Birthday this June 😉 . Well it excites me for some good cake, gifts if any.. 🙂 looking forward to buy new cell phone for myself.. with qwerty feature off course… but hey what I am saying … this article is certainly not list of my birthday celebrations..

So getting back to the topic…“ Celebrating journey of LIFE.. ”. It has been nearly 25 years now that i am a part of this wonderful journey of life.. I call life as journey because in a journey we meet so many people with diverse nature and leading through numerous walks of life but all of them with common goal to achieve happiness & comfort. While traveling.. we talk, we laugh, we eat, we sleep, & the most important we continue to move ahead to  pre-destined end of the journey… whenever any one finds his destination he ends his journey leaving behind his travel mates on their way to future journey … People come and go..and journey continues.. 😦

Same is with life, people come together, be together & then take a exit from this world leaving behind numerous memories.. be it good or bad for that matter.. I came across a very interesting line.. “ Live life to the fullest, because anyways no one escaped alive.. ” In these 25 years I met so many people.. some came close to my heart, some drived me really crazy, some of them gained or lost importance in my life with matter of time, but  some didn’t matter at all.. I learned to value relations, I made friends 😀 , I trusted some and some betrayed me too.. 😦

June often begins with tons of memories for me.. both good & bad since childhood I always looked forward June as it brought birthday celebrations, gifts, pink colored cake for me more often celebrated at my native place when both my parent’s took 3days leave from their office and came to native place to celebrate my birthday… it was always a fun… 🙂

But things changed after my 12th birthday, 2nd June 1999 I could say it was indeed worst day of my life.. I lost someone who was extremely close to  my heart.. 😦 .. This was indeed the most sad incident that took place in my life till now… I still remember that day & the pain in my heart.. that still remains silently somewhere in my mind each day I live…

As I said above journey of life never comes to a hault, by anyone’s exit it continues leaving behind thousands of memories in the heart of people who continue live each day with those infinite list..

Lets not talk about the sad things …because there are good one’s too…

Life is indeed a celebrated journey.. “ I say celebrated one ” because it is something which each individual experiences without even a slightest knowledge of what comes to his way next .. each day is full of surprises.. some are good 🙂 and some are bad 😦

So I invite all of you out here to enjoy and make this journey of life  indeed a celebrated one … 🙂 3 cheers for life…

I would end up the article with this beautiful poem by Slyvia Chidi..hope you all like it..

The journey of life begun
That fateful day I was born
My eyes opened up blissfully to the sun
My soul, heart and brain emerged as one
Behold my journey had begun!

This little child in time has grown
Yes! Time has flown, time has flown
A lot has been learnt on my very own

Life has been a mystifying journey
With every up and down
With tears and laughter
With hate and love
With stupidity and wisdom
With enemies and friends
But even in my journey of frustration
I have found a means of celebration
In my toilsome exploration to my fateful destination

Tick tock, the clock goes on
Minute by minute, then hourly
Month by month then yearly
Tick tock, and in my journey
I have searched, questioned and answered
Whilst walking painfully along many paths
Sometimes requesting protection
Seeking from above immunization
When hit by obstacles in locations

But I am still on this journey
Shaking hands with the sad and merry
My passion for life which was once raw
Is now confined within the Almighty’s law
For life’s journey itself never ends
Once you have reached the end of each road
Uplifting off your entire cloggy load
Be it in a hot summer or a winter’s cold
Behold! A new journey will unfold