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A man was returning home after work with his cash bag.

He was very sad because he felt he worked very hard, but earned very less. On the way he met his ‘Guru’(one who, is considered to be a spiritual guide) and discussed his plight with him.

After listening to him Guru suddenly snatched his cash bag and ran away. At that instant man was surprised by this weird of his Guru, he gave a very strong chase but didn’t succeed to get his cash bag back.

Further he was saddened even more.

After one hour the Guru came back and returned the cash bag. After seeing his cash bag again, the man felt very happy & contented.

Guru advised him “One hour back, you were not happy with this cash bag. Now the same cash bag when you get it back after losing it once, you know it’s value and hence are happy now.”

This clearly means, “Happiness will not come from outside, it has to come from within”.

~ Story by Poet: Jalan Matari ~

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